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Registred: 07.02.03
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Registred: 04.09.06
Posts: 8
Posted: 04/09/06, 19:02    Quote 

I subscribed to Twisty's in December ('05) just because all the promo stuff led me to believe they had great stuff.

Guess what? They do have fabulous content...and no DRM issues at all.

Nice balance between BG and hardcore, great photography, usually top resolution (except the older stuff).

No discounts for frequent renewers so I decided to go for the 10 months at $99.99 in early March. Glad I did. This is the first site I've joined that I haven't grown tired of or had customer services issues with.

(Oh. I also bought an Iomega 160 gig external hard drive to store the good stuff.)

Registred: 01.25.08
Posts: 2
Posted: 02/23/08, 01:47    Quote 

Same models are accessible via any of the main sites, namely Twistys, Eurofoxes or BustyOnes but the sets are the same in each one.

Connection resets itself so frequently that mass downloading is effectively impossible. Use of download managers will result in 403 error codes after about 10 minutes whatever you do. This is a problem I've never encountered before with a reputable site - this is undoubtedly intentional despite all claims to the contrary since it reduces server load and - because it means you can't pull the content you want off the site quickly it makes it more likely you'll have to re-subscribe - they think. Not in my case. I cancelled after a fortnight.
Like most of these sites they're doing it on the cheap.

From my point of view only about 5-10% of the content is any good and a lot of it is very familiar. It sometimes says next to a set that "This set is a Twisty's exclusive" - this implies that a lot of this stuff is NOT exclusive to them - and as I said a lot of it looks very familiar. The vast majority is dross.
Easily the weakest of the big sites I've seen so far.

Registred: 01.18.07
Posts: 43
Posted: 11/15/08, 07:41    Quote 

HOLY SHIT!!!!! This is one of the best sites that I have ever fucking seen. I am so glad to have looked at this, instantly I was drawn into their world of these women. Fucking hell....I can't stop, this site is addicting to watch and enjoy, the high quality of video and as well the girls are just fucking amazing. I don't know what else to say, I doubt that I will drop my subscription at all if ever, They have such a wide variety of women I don't know who to pick from day to day...and I have lost count of the ammounts of tissues I have had to use...I recomend this website to all looking for the highest quality in porn!

Registred: 08.21.04
Posts: 50
Posted: 01/30/05, 03:02    Quote 

This has got to be some of the best sh*t I have seen to date! Those girls are so cute (The girl in Galley 1 is such a cutie and is very natural and real) plus the quality is 100% wonder, very high megapixel camera for sure... icon_surprised.gif I might join! icon_biggrin.gif

Registred: 07.02.03
Posts: 349
Posted: 01/31/05, 14:44    Quote 

Agree, this is definitely a rocking site. It have a HUGE models database.

Registred: 08.21.04
Posts: 50
Posted: 01/31/05, 17:58    Quote 


Check out this gallery on the site preview... icon_eek.gif She is so damn sexy its not funny. (Both points of entry are a perfect 10! icon_surprised.gif icon_wink.gif )

Registred: 07.02.03
Posts: 349
Posted: 01/31/05, 18:17    Quote 

Nice taste HOH69_69 !

Registred: 08.21.04
Posts: 50
Posted: 02/01/05, 04:38    Quote 

Thanks kit... Same to you icon_smile.gif icon_exclaim.gif

Brunettes Are My Favourite... icon_razz.gif

Here is more of the woman of the hour... (lots more)




(Hot As Hell... icon_wink.gif )


(Army Style... icon_eek.gif What is with putting the Spyder machine pistol armed at the pussy the one pic, I don't want to see the goods damaged! lol - Cool note for old Goldeneye 64 players, the Spyder is the 'Klobb' in the game)

(take me in, baby! icon_twisted.gif )

icon_eek.gif She seems to be a rather large pornstar, Search Susana Spears at google images for tons of galleries if that isn't enough people... lol. icon_rolleyes.gif

Registred: 07.03.03
Posts: 26
Posted: 02/01/05, 13:35    Quote 

Susanna has really nice body, and rather trained one. Those stomach muscles are not developed easily, especially with women. IMHO, she's not sensitive enough, no matter how hard she tries to look horny icon_lol.gif

Registred: 01.20.05
Posts: 22
Posted: 02/15/05, 15:43    Quote 

Great looking female. icon_razz.gif

Registred: 11.04.06
Posts: 1
Posted: 11/10/06, 06:20    Quote 

Twisty's is a great site! Hot women and hot sex - boths pics and movies! And I'm not gay or anything, but even the blokes are hot on this site - toned, shaved muscular bodies... tight, round arses... long, fat cocks. Plus lots of good shots of blokes fucking barefooted, and that's HOT. icon_smile.gif

Registred: 11.19.07
Posts: 8
Posted: 11/14/09, 05:53    Quote 

I joined Twistys and other Sites. And thought it perhaps the best.
Then Crash!
My computer totally crashed and while I have pulled some stuff out of the ashes thanks to recovery software. A lot went missing. I re-joined Twistys to get some of the better galleries back in full.
Two Things Twistys was the only site I rejoined and just recently they let me have a free yes free 3 day membership.
Well after I came up for air it has download frenzy.
This is the site I can recommend to anyone they have it all more or less (well perhaps not the kinky stuff).
Hell one of Blogs which deals with porn pay sites is named Twist or Bust. icon_biggrin.gif

Registred: 05.23.11
Posts: 1
Posted: 05/23/11, 08:52    Quote 

I want to say that everyone of you ladies are sooo fine
i can look and admire all of you for hours.THANK YOU ALL
for being here so i can enjoy so much beaty.
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