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Posted: 06/15/07, 01:13   Quote 

For anyone that gets the PI Biweekly Newsletter, it's fun and informative reading, and if you haven't signed up for it yet, you can access it from the site. There was a question added that I found myself wanting to respond to. The question is, "Hey, does it bother you when reviewers call porn girls sluts? Take a minute to answer our poll question and let us know if you’re offended by words like “bitch”, “slut”, and “whore” in our reviews." I guess I'm looking at this from two sides, one being that since I'm a reviewer for PI, I actually dislike it when I log onto a site where the women are called sluts, and such. To me, even though they're having sex on camera, I just have a hard time referring to them in this manner. I think there has only been a handful of times that I've made a reference such as this in any of my write ups, it's just too insulting. I also read each and every review that is posted on this site and many others, and I found myself flinching when the write up does contain a lot of this description. Granted, the webmaster's use it, so it's just being passed on, but I guess in my opinion, I would like to see some other adjective used. Just my feeling...what's yours?

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Posted: 07/01/07, 17:19    Quote 

I tend not to like them either, although "bitch" isn't as bad as the other two. "Love's Bitch" for example, isn't all that derogatory to me. I'd add "c*nt" to the words I'd rather not see used.

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Posted: 07/01/07, 17:29    Quote 

Hi jhlipton! Thanks for your comment! I can see your point about the word bitch, it's one of those that I can definitely handle and have even used in my reviews a time or two. You are right on the money with the word, "c*nt," That is like the epitome of bad taste to me, so we agree on that issue totally!

I hope you have a good day! icon_biggrin.gif

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Posted: 07/01/07, 18:17    Quote 

I've noticed a strage love to degrade women among many adult site webmasters. Personally I think, there is not a good practice, I 100% agree with Missy point of view

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Posted: 07/02/07, 06:04    Quote 

I'm trying to see the other side, but it's difficult... Yes it's porn, but why use those words to describe the actress? They aren't Sluts, Bitches, or Whores... not that there is anything wrong with being a Lady of Leisure.
If a woman uses those words to describe herself it's fine, but when it's used to degrade... it's not very enlightened to degrade others period, so reviewers using such low language make themselves look moronic. It shows a lack of creativity as well as a lack of intelligence. But it's pornography, which apparently means writing about prostitutes, would "The buxom lass blew his hautboi deftly" work any better than "The bitch sucked cock good"? icon_rolleyes.gif Yes. Just because the writer is an idiot who expends all his vocabulary on rhyming "tit" with "suck it" and has unrealistic views on women doesn't mean we want to know about it... or maybe we do if it adds some sense of honesty to the reviewer, but it probably doesn't. icon_confused.gif
As for how the web-sites would feel about it, I wouldn't know considering the names of many of them. *scratches head*
The C word is vile.
My first post. YAY!
Edit: Of course if it's in a review for some Sado-Masochism site it's completely justified. icon_twisted.gif <--- Obligatory.

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Posted: 07/02/07, 14:00    Quote 

Hi Mandalore! I liked hearing your opinion very much, it's further proof that our readers aren't any more turned on by those harsh words as they are when we, as reviewers, put extra thought into our writing to make it more entertaining and not demeaning. Thank you for posting Mandalore, your insight was deep and appreciated, so don't stop at just your first post, keep writing! Have a happy week!

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Posted: 08/01/07, 13:55    Quote 

I too agree; these labels are inappropriate. Yes, it's porn, it's fantasy, but the descriptives like slut, bitch, whoe, cockmaggnot and so many others -- really don't belong...It's also acting and fantasy.

These woman and men are actors; they are working at what they do....if you have any doubt talk to a male or female porn star.....

They are also entertaining us with a range from primal to fantasy -- and they deserve the same respect as you sisters' brothers' mothers'

This is entertainment. The descriptors of described here; are very socially and personally negative.......

I don't like this; and frankly I am not turned on by abusive theater or degradation of any type.

Enjoy it for what it is -- let's not slander the personality of the actors.

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Posted: 08/01/07, 18:33    Quote 

Hi ilovetrans! Very well said!!
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