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If you are a man that has his big head working over time while his smaller head just kicks in for play now and then, you'll enjoy this site.
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This site pertains to a lot of technical aspects. You have information about computer programming, a sensor in your shoe that talks to your iPod, a duck that ate an alien, just about everything imaginable. I will say that Boing Boing is definitely more informative than most of the blogs I’ve seen, but to be honest, there’s not much sexual material on here, so the choice will be yours on this one.
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Date: 10.22.2014
We had a lovely time chatting with author Delilah S. Dawson about her struggles with Ikea furniture, brilliance on Twitter and the coining of Whimsydark. There's also a fair amount about blud and humans. Full show notes at Sword & LaserSupport us on Patreon! read more »
Date: 10.22.2014
Priorities. "As he lay bleeding, Noll raised the phone and snapped a selfie."(via) read more »
Date: 10.22.2014
From my friend Brent Bushnell of Two Bit Circus: A modern take on the traveling circus, STEAM Carnival is a crazy reimagining of the classic carnival using high-tech amusement and amazing inventions. Read the rest read more »
Date: 10.22.2014
On This Week in Science: Kiki talked stem cells; not the controversial side of things, but the straight up science of figuring out more about these populations of cells as they exist inside our bodies throughout our lives. Read the rest read more »
Date: 10.22.2014
"Spawn of Gerrymander" is a series in which some of our favorite illustrators use their talents to help us see the true shape of political mapmaking in the twenty-first century: Over the course of this week, this series will present graphic visualizations of six gerrymandered U.S. Read the rest read more »
Date: 10.22.2014
John Denny's standing as an independent in the Minnesota Sixth District, running against Michele Bachmann's successor, and has offered a "legally binding" contract to forfeit his salary and a sum equal to twice any contribution should he ever lobby or take campaign money that puts him in a conflict of interest. Read the rest read more »
Date: 10.22.2014
At least one gunman and a soldier are dead today after exchanges of fire in and around Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada. Read the rest read more »
Date: 10.22.2014
And here are the photos to prove it. read more »
Date: 10.22.2014
I liked this a lot. read more »
Date: 10.22.2014
Also devastation, lies, falsehood, etc., warns Abdul Aziz Al-Sheik. [BBC] read more »
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