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If you are a man that has his big head working over time while his smaller head just kicks in for play now and then, you'll enjoy this site.
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This site pertains to a lot of technical aspects. You have information about computer programming, a sensor in your shoe that talks to your iPod, a duck that ate an alien, just about everything imaginable. I will say that Boing Boing is definitely more informative than most of the blogs I’ve seen, but to be honest, there’s not much sexual material on here, so the choice will be yours on this one.
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Date: 10.17.2017
Joey deVilla says of this sign found in a Thailand boba tea bar, "I can??t tell if they??re trying to be edgy or just got a bad translation." read more »
Date: 10.17.2017
Jeremy Kun, a mathematics PhD from UI Chicago, created this portrait of computer science pioneer Alan Turing using ellipses. I made an art thing. It's Alan Turing algorithmically approximated by ellipses, in six panels.— Jeremy Kun (@jeremyjkun) October 16, 2017 read more »
Date: 10.17.2017
A Florida attorney filed a petition saying a nearly six-and-a-half year prison term would eat up most of his client??s time left to live, due to the client??s large weight. Attorney Curtis Fallgatter somehow calculated his client Stephen Donaldson Sr., 72, who was recently convicted for marketing an offshore tax shelter scheme that cost the IRS nearly $10 million, would spend 61 percent of his remaining life-years in prison since he is only 5-foot-9 and weighs 273 pounds, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Fallgatter did not use the strange weight excuse for his other Tampa Bay client, who was sentenced to four years and six months in prison. Unfortunately for Donaldson, if his petition is granted and the sentence is overturned, he misses hi… read more »
Date: 10.17.2017
Republican Georgia state Sen. Michael Williams is holding a giveaway for a bump stock ?? the same type of device law enforcement officials say the Vegas shooter used to kill over 50 people during a concert in early October. In a statement published on a website for William??s gubernatorial run, Williams says the growing condemnation of bump stocks avoids taking action against gun violence. Williams also cites firearms experts claiming the bump stock prevented more deaths due to the device??s ???inaccuracy??? when attached. ???The tragedy in Las Vegas broke my heart, but any talk of banning or regulating bump stocks is merely cheap political lip service from career politicians,??? Williams said. ???In reality, the bump stock is the new, shin… read more »
Date: 10.17.2017
From The New Yorker: "Ward Sutton illustrates a satirical comic strip envisioning Melania Trump as a secret agent who went undercover in the U.S. to fight cyberbullying." read more »
Date: 10.17.2017 Stephen Fry's hour-long Shannon Luminary Lecture at Bell Labs tries to bridge the despair of a world where technology enables bullying, greed and surveillance; the optimism of the early hopes for the internet, and a hopeful vision of how we can minimize the former and maximize the latter. (more…) read more »
Date: 10.17.2017
In 1869, two men were digging a well on the farm of William Newell in Cardiff, New York when they discovered the body of a ten-foot-tall man buried in the earth. Unfortunately, the famed Cardiff Giant was actually just a statue that Newell's cousin had buried in a hoax meant to provoke discussions around religion while bringing in a ton of cash from people who desperately wanted to believe that biblical stories of giant humans were true, or were simply jonesing for a dose of wonder. From Smithsonian: Hull was an atheist, a controversial stance for that time in American history, and ???though he lacked any formal education, greatly admired science.??? He wasn??t wealthy, either, and his plan for the Cardiff giant included both striking it… read more »
Date: 10.17.2017
Contrary to Jeff Session's alternative fact that pot is a gateway to hard drugs, a study reveals that Colorado has had a drop in opioid deaths since it legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2014. From Reason: Since legal recreational marijuana sales began in Colorado in January 2014, the state has seen a 6 percent drop in opioid deaths, according to research published in the American Journal of Public Health. The drop follows 14 years of rising opioid deaths, going back to the first year for which the esearchers had data. That suggests yet another argument for marijuana legalization: Pot might stem and even reverse some of the trends unleashed by America's decades-long drug war. ... A [different] 2014 study found that from 1999 to 201… read more »
Date: 10.17.2017
You will never be as cool as Steve McQueen, but for around $500,000, you could win the actual Hinchman race suit and Bell helmet he sported in Le Mans, the classic 1971 auto racing film. It's up for bid at Sotheby's on December 6 as part of the New York - Icons auction. Of course you'll still need to save your pennies for the blue #20 Gulf-Porsche 917K that last sold at auction for $14 million. (via Uncrate) read more »
Date: 10.17.2017
???????PC????????????????????????????????????#?????er???????— W?????????????????????@????????? (@ippupu_ava) October 14, 2017 Hatsune Miku is a virtual idol created by a music software company. Thanks to a liberal user license, people can create apps and videos starring the turquoise-haired performer. Here's a guy who made a PC case that looks like Miku chan is living inside it. From Brian Ashcraft at Kotaku: Virtual idol Hatsune Miku appears to be dancing inside this modded PC case, which was recently shown in Osaka. Amazing, no? Created do-it-yourself PC get together, the case mod is outfitted with a clear LCD panel, giving the appearance that Miku is dancing. This case mod was on display earlier this sum… read more »
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