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If you are a man that has his big head working over time while his smaller head just kicks in for play now and then, you'll enjoy this site.
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This site pertains to a lot of technical aspects. You have information about computer programming, a sensor in your shoe that talks to your iPod, a duck that ate an alien, just about everything imaginable. I will say that Boing Boing is definitely more informative than most of the blogs I’ve seen, but to be honest, there’s not much sexual material on here, so the choice will be yours on this one.
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Date: 02.09.2016
Today we travel to the year 2086, a world where sex robots are on the market. What happens when we can buy a humanoid robot as a partner? Who wins and who loses? And where do you store the darn thing? [A note: if you listen to our show with or near young kids be aware that today??s episodes discusses the future of sex, and goes into some detail about sex toys, sex work and other sexy time things. If your kiddos are ready for a calm, reasonable discussion of sex and the sex industry, carry on! If you??re not there yet, that??s cool, but maybe skip this one.] Flash Forward: RSS | iTunes | Twitter | Facebook | Web | PatreonIn this episode we discuss everything from the warranties that a sex robot might have, to the ethical implications of own… read more »
Date: 02.09.2016 A book of John Wilcock comics is now available read more »
Date: 02.09.2016
It??s 2016 and we like our technology really small. Our phones fit in our pockets, our remotes are lighter than ever, and even our cars seem to be shrinking. So your new drone shouldn??t be an exception. This Axis VIDIUS Drone is 21% off right now and it??s so little, your biggest problem won??t be flying it like a pro, it might just be losing it in your tote bag. Don??t waste your time and space with a bulky, FAA-approved drone to lug around town every time you want to fly, this small version has a live video stream with a first person view. And the view is epic up there.This flier can flip, turn, roll and race through narrow spaces, all controlled by a lightweight 2.4gHz remote. It streams and records live video and still images that show… read more »
Date: 02.09.2016
The Kikkerland Animal Multi-Tool ($20 on Amazon) is cased in beechwood and has with a flathead screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, wire stripper, file, hole punch, bottle opener, and utility knife. read more »
Date: 02.09.2016
Last December, Vtech, a crapgadget/toy company, suffered a breach that implicated the data of 6.3 million children, caused by its negligence toward the most basic of security measures. (more…) read more »
Date: 02.09.2016
The Philip K Dick Award is given to the best paperback original each year (past winners include Tim Powers' Anubis Gates, Rudy Rucker's Wetware, William Gibson's Neuromancer and Meg Elison's The Book of the Unnamed Midwife). (more…) read more »
Date: 02.09.2016 Ari Fararooy writes, I digitally animated my photographs from the Burning Man festival to create a surreal illustration of my experiences. (more…) read more »
Date: 02.09.2016
A classic from 1959 by Professor Longhair. You will see the Zulu King Down on St. Claude and Dumaine (via Greg Dulli) read more »
Date: 02.09.2016
The Princeton Bitcoin Book by Arvind Narayanan, Joseph Bonneau, Edward Felten, Andrew Miller and Steven Goldfeder is a free download -- it's over 300 pages and is intended for people "looking to truly understand how Bitcoin works at a technical level and have a basic familiarity with computer science and programming." (more…) read more »
Date: 02.09.2016
Virtually all the climate scientists working at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation -- Australia's answer to NASA -- have been fired or moved out of climate research. (more…) read more »
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