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If you are a man that has his big head working over time while his smaller head just kicks in for play now and then, you'll enjoy this site.
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This site pertains to a lot of technical aspects. You have information about computer programming, a sensor in your shoe that talks to your iPod, a duck that ate an alien, just about everything imaginable. I will say that Boing Boing is definitely more informative than most of the blogs I’ve seen, but to be honest, there’s not much sexual material on here, so the choice will be yours on this one.
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Date: 01.29.2015
I'm excited that our pal, Gareth Branwyn, has a new podcast. It's called Caf? Gaga. Here's what he says about it: Read the rest read more »
Date: 01.29.2015
The practice is a violation of medical ethics and international law. And the U.S. knows and admits it. Read the rest read more »
Date: 01.29.2015
The Pew Research Center tells us Americans like science and think our scientists are great, but we disagree with them on things like science. read more »
Date: 01.29.2015
The jet triggered car alarms, upset dogs, disrupted hot yoga classes, and just generally freaked everyone out. Read the rest read more »
Date: 01.29.2015
He may sing better than the humans on each side. (more…) read more »
Date: 01.29.2015
That look of wonder on their pudgy little baby faces. Read the rest read more »
Date: 01.29.2015
"She's seen the ads, she thinks it's nice/ Better work hard - I seen the price" read more »
Date: 01.29.2015
DJ Molles zombie stories are some of my favorites. I put off reading his third installment, The Remaining: Refugees, and could wait no longer! Read the rest read more »
Date: 01.29.2015
The Library of Congress site contains gems like this map showing the proposed final link of the original world wide web: the proposed trans-Pacific telegraph line, envisioned with Civil War-era technology. Read the rest read more »
Date: 01.29.2015
Future's DJ Esco describes what it was like to get busted with 15 grams of weed at the Dubai airport and get sent to jail. Read the rest read more »
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