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If you are a man that has his big head working over time while his smaller head just kicks in for play now and then, you'll enjoy this site.
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This site pertains to a lot of technical aspects. You have information about computer programming, a sensor in your shoe that talks to your iPod, a duck that ate an alien, just about everything imaginable. I will say that Boing Boing is definitely more informative than most of the blogs I’ve seen, but to be honest, there’s not much sexual material on here, so the choice will be yours on this one.
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Date: 07.24.2016
In the year since Berke Breathed came out of retirement to cover the 2016 election cycles with Opus, Bill, Milo and the gang, he's amassed enough material to fill a new 144-page collection: Bloom County Episode XI: A New Hope, which comes out in September. (more…) read more »
Date: 07.23.2016
Love the golden lariat! read more »
Date: 07.23.2016
Timothy Ellis' galaxy spanning space opera continues in Hero at the Gates! We're 9 damn books in and the central plot is finally about to get past its prelude! I've really enjoyed this massive story. 9 novels ago Jon Hunter was a wet behind the ears kid on board his uncle's space trader. Now he's the Admiral of his own massive space flotilla, and ruler of several sections of space. The massive reveal about what the hell is going on, and what part Team Slinky Red Jumpsuits is going to play in it is near unavoidable, when our heroes set off in the exact opposite direction in this sometimes 2D universe. The prize is tempting, but Jon can not miss the short window of time he's allowed to land on his home planet and consult the spiritual guys … read more »
Date: 07.23.2016 offers some insight into some odd, observed behaviors of motorcyclists. I've been riding for so long, most of this seems just commonsense to me. Here are a few: Why don??t motorcycle riders ride in the centre of their lane? The centre of most lanes on most roads is a no-man??s land for bikers. It??s where the oil, fuel and coolant from all the cars, trucks and buses drops and congeals. It??s slippery, and dangerous. The wheel tracks offer much more grip. Why don??t motorcycle riders stop directly behind me? You??ve probably noticed that bikers often stop just to the outside of your rear quarter panel at traffic lights. It might look like they??re about to filter (we??ll get to filtering later) but they don??t move. Why? The… read more »
Date: 07.23.2016
Much of what goes into creating an amazing photo happens in the digital darkroom. Here's your chance to master all things photo editing: the?Ultimate Adobe Photo Editing Bundle, now available in the Boing Boing Store for just $29.99.Across 8?courses and over 41 hours of intensive instruction, you??ll learn the fundamentals of Adobe??s suite of photo editing programs and utilize them to elevate your photography.Here are the courses in your bundle:Photoshop for BeginnersPhotoshop CC Crash CourseLearn Adobe Photoshop CS6 & CC from ScratchHigh End Beauty Retouching Techniques in PhotoshopEverything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lightroom 6Real World Hands-On Freelance MasteryAdobe Lightroom For BeginnersMaster Lightroom and Photoshop in One… read more »
Date: 07.23.2016
The Pokemon Pokeball weed grinder is $20 on Amazon. Gotta catch it before Nintendo stops them. read more »
Date: 07.23.2016
Here are before and after photos of spray painted tagging replaced by clean fonts. I thought this was photoshopped, but if you look closely, the details are different in the before and after photos are different. For example, the roses in the flowerbox of of the Rue de Gaillon photo have bloomed in the after photo. [via] read more »
Date: 07.23.2016
In response to overwhelming demand, I made a 30-second video that shows how to wrap cables so that they stay wrapped, don't get tangled, and are very easy to unwrap. read more »
Date: 07.23.2016
I don't think Stewart's ever been in finer form, and his "I've been living in a cave"/Transmet schtick plays well with Colbert's own persona. read more »
Date: 07.23.2016
In an epic Twitter tear, Clay Shirky addresses white liberals who are horrified by the rise of Trump and reminds them that "Trump IS the voice of angry whites. He wasn't on stage because he has unusual views. He was on stage because he has the usual ones, loudly." (more…) read more »
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