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Lusty Lady

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You can get a woman's perspective on everything from writing to sex on this blog website. Learn a little about the female ways and wonders.
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This is a great site, I enjoyed it a lot. Lusty Lady holds a lot of writings that are so well done, so thought-through and so articulate that I had trouble pulling myself away. There are numerous links here, some that will take you to more of Rachel’s writings through other blog sites, books, etc. so you won’t become lost on finding more from this fascination female that’s captured your interest.
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Date: 02.13.2016
Yesterday, I read an article at Upworthy about feminist sex shops, specifically Other Nature in Berlin. They describe themselves on their site as "Other Nature is a feminist, queer-oriented, eco-friendly, vegan sex shop in Berlin Kreuzberg." Well, imagine my delight when I discovered that they carry my women's erotica anthologies Dirty Girls and the German translation of Fast Girls, which has a much sexier cover than the U.S. version, which is hot in its own way and is one of my favorite of … read more »
Date: 02.11.2016
Today is the official start of my sixth LitReactor erotica writing class, and I'm thrilled to be back. While it's a major immersion in the genre for my students, for me it's an immersion in doing something I love that is a wonderful complement to the loneliness of writing: working with other people. I am first and foremost a people person, and my erotica work has always involved working with others. From the very first short story I published, I didn't want the words to just live… read more »
Date: 02.09.2016
I'm thrilled to share that just in time for Valentine's Day, I have a brand new short story titled "Triple Threat" out in Kristina Wright's anthology The One Who Got Away. It's out today in paperback and ebook (I link to Amazon via their affiliate program, meaning I get a small fee if yo purchase through my links, but I also encourage you to ask for the book at your local bookstore). Here's more about the book: We all have... that One, the one who got away. The one we fell fo… read more »
Date: 02.08.2016
For, I asked millennial women across the political spectrum what they think about Hillary Clinton as a candidate and whether or not they associate Bill Clinton's affairs, sex scandals and the allegations of sexual assault against him with her campaign. Many of their answers surprised me, and just may surprise you too.

This was a little different than my usual beats, and I welcome that. As I said earlier, I've been trying to figure out, to put it mildly, "what to do with the r… read more »
Date: 02.08.2016
In my world, new is what's in. The next article or essay I'm writing, the new book to hit the shelves, the next call for submissions. Yesterday's news may as well be last century's, it often seems. The new whatever it is is the one warranting attention, both mine and my editor's or publisher's and, presumably, readers'. This plays out in how I earn a living, in that the books that sell the most are usually the newly released ones, although sometimes an older title wil… read more »
Date: 02.05.2016
I just wrote out my daily lesson plan and posting schedule for my upcoming LitReactor online erotica writing class, which runs February 11-March 10, and I'm so excited about it and wanted to share because the last day to register is next Wednesday, February 10th. There's information about each week's topics, lectures and assignments at the LitReactor site, but I wanted to give you a breakdown of what else happens in class. I just mapped out my 29 days of posting which cover everythin… read more »
Date: 01.31.2016
One of the things I started doing this month/year is keeping track of my income and expenses, and along with that, what I published and wrote each month. I know; why wasn't I doing this sooner? Well, I've always been among the last to do the things I "should," but I'm 40, and I'm slowly figuring out that it's better late than never.

So I decided on the last day of the month, I'll share links to all my paid writing that was published that month (I also blog once a month un… read more »
Date: 01.31.2016
Since I love books and bookstores, and just unpacked all my books and have a lot of extras (see the photo below), I'm offering you the chance to get a free book from me just for snapping a photo and letting me post it on my Best Women's Erotica of the Year Instagram account. Easy peasy, right? If you see my new book (and my favorite, because yes, I play favorites and am not ashamed to say I'm super proud of it and of my authors), Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 1, at any… read more »
Date: 01.29.2016
I wanted to let you know there are 7 spots (of 16) left in my next LitReactor online erotica writing class, which runs February 11-March 10. Registration closes either February 10 or when it sells out, whichever happens soonest.

You can read about the weekly lectures and assignments at LitReactor, but I wanted to share some details that aren't on there (though I really should add them).

In addition to the weekly lectures and writing assignments, which you can read more about at LitReactor, I… read more »
Date: 01.28.2016
Sale alert: I know it's 2016, but Best Bondage Erotica 2015, the last of the series I edited for five years (I've now moved on to editing the Best Women's Erotica of the Year series), is only $1.99 now through February 1 (it may run another day or two, but if you want the sale price, I'd buy it by then to be sure). If you are interested in kinky, creative erotica, such as yoga erotica, home repair erotica, knitting erotica and much more, I would definitely check this out at the l… read more »
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