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Lusty Lady

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You can get a woman's perspective on everything from writing to sex on this blog website. Learn a little about the female ways and wonders.
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This is a great site, I enjoyed it a lot. Lusty Lady holds a lot of writings that are so well done, so thought-through and so articulate that I had trouble pulling myself away. There are numerous links here, some that will take you to more of Rachel’s writings through other blog sites, books, etc. so you won’t become lost on finding more from this fascination female that’s captured your interest.
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Date: 02.26.2015
For my Philadelphia City Paper sex column this week, I profiled Philadelphia dominatrix Domina Devorah, talking about what her clients are like, favorite sessions, feminism and more. As always, especially since this is a weekly column, I welcome topic suggestions of people, pop culture news, events, fetishes, issues, etc. for future columns at rachelkb at with "City Paper" in the subject line.

above photo by brickxbirch

And I forgot to share how happy I am that last week's pubic ha… read more »
Date: 02.26.2015
I do know that this blog could likely disappear very soon with Blogger's purge of sex blogs happening soon. I don't even really think I'd call it a sex blog, more of a personal/professional/whatever I'm thinking blog, but I know there has been nudity and other things that I'm sure would be against Google policy. (Do follow @violetblue on Twitter for essential postings about this, and see her original reporting on it. She's also got great advice about switching from Blogge… read more »
Date: 02.25.2015
I'm very proud of my latest DAME Shameless Sex column; I went over my usual word count (with permission) because my interviewees had so many fascinating things to say about sex for pleasure vs. sex for procreation. Thank you to everyone who spoke to me for this. I learned a lot! My working title was "When Sex Is For Making Babies" but I like the final one too: "Doing It Like It's Your Job." And yes, I know plenty of non-male/female couples work on having babies, but as I said, this colum… read more »
Date: 02.25.2015
My week is busy, to put it beyond mildly, so here's my latest for Thought Catalog, an overdue take on the movie of the moment: "My Biggest Problem With Fifty Shades Of Grey, The Movie." read more »
Date: 02.25.2015
Just a heads up that in order to keep my mailing manageable, I've set March 15, 2015 as the cutoff for requests for free copies of Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica for U.S. reviewers (or when I reach 100 requests). And yes, if I were a rich lady, I could send these to anyone anywhere in the world, but I'm not, so I have to limit this to those in the United States. The bonus is you get the book before it's in stores, and will have two months to review it (you should receive your… read more »
Date: 02.24.2015
Even though I believe moving out of New York and living in New Jersey has been why I'm doing well this year in my freelance writing career, I will always love New York and all that it has to offer. I still go there to get my pubic hair waxed and for manicures and pedicures, because I'm loyal and the prices are much cheaper. I go there for theater and food and friends. Yesterday I sat in a cozy theater on St. Mark's Place and escaped the cold for 45 minutes and was incredibly impresse… read more »
Date: 02.24.2015
Over on the book's Tumblr, I've been posting excerpts from Best Bondage Erotica 2015 in the order they appear in the book, and today I got to a personal favorite, knitting bondage erotica story "Trinity's New Hobby" by Lucy Felthouse. This is my fifth year editing the Best Bondage Erotica series, so as you can imagine, I've read hundreds of bondage stories, and while I love the topic, sometimes even when you do what you love, it can feel monotonous. Then I'll get a story like… read more »
Date: 02.22.2015
It's a rare still moment where I am enjoying the quiet of a snowy Sunday morning, before breakfast, before coffee even, before shoveling. I've been working a lot, almost around the clock. Not all the time, but enough that the rhythm of my workdays blends into my nights, which I know is not sustainable in the long term, but is how things are going the next few weeks between lots of writing deadlines, getting the book I am extremely excited about, Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica proofread and … read more »
Date: 02.19.2015
This week's Philadelphia City Paper sex column is on pubic hair. The working title I used on my first draft was "Is Pubic Hair The Enemy?" The last draft I saw had this title: "How far will the pube revolution go?" I haven't seen the print version (which sometimes has a slightly different title than the online version) but the online version's title is "Why all this fuss about styling down below?" I would have liked "pubic hair" in the title, but as I will be posting more about soon,… read more »
Date: 02.18.2015
My next LitReactor 4-week online erotica writing class runs May 5-June 2 and registration is now open. Full details about each week's lesson and assignments are in the link above.

You also get exclusive Q&As with erotica writers about their experiences (both with self-publishing and traditional publishing) as well as information directly from editors and publishers about what they are looking for now. You can also start discussions and ask questions of me and your fellow students on any matt… read more »
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