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Lusty Lady

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You can get a woman's perspective on everything from writing to sex on this blog website. Learn a little about the female ways and wonders.
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This is a great site, I enjoyed it a lot. Lusty Lady holds a lot of writings that are so well done, so thought-through and so articulate that I had trouble pulling myself away. There are numerous links here, some that will take you to more of Rachel’s writings through other blog sites, books, etc. so you won’t become lost on finding more from this fascination female that’s captured your interest.
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Date: 07.30.2015
Yes, that's my byline on Good Housekeeping's website, for my essay "I'm Happy With My Clutter, Thank You Very Much." I am, and I'm also very happy to be published somewhere I never thought I'd be, given that I'm so far from being a housekeeper. I also wrote about moving three times in three years for Omni, a new imprint at Medium, with my essay "What I Want in a Home vs. What I Need." read more »
Date: 07.29.2015
Last week was a challenging one, to say the least. It pushed me to my emotional limit, not because anything majorly awful happened, but a combination of intense deadlines, upcoming international travel and general anxiety had me breaking down in tears several times. I just kept wondering, Can I do this? I even considered canceling my trip to Thailand because I wasn't in a frame of mind that seemed conducive to travel. I wanted to curl up in bed and not leave.

But I got through the worst part… read more »
Date: 07.25.2015
I have a jumble of feelings as I get ready to fly to Thailand for a much-needed vacation, even though I haven't finished all the work I needed to (thank you, upcoming 21 hours of travel). Excitement, fear, guilt, missing my boyfriend even though I haven't quite left yet. This week kicked my ass in all kinds of ways, but even though I didn't do everything I wanted to, I wrote more than I ever have in my life, filing 23 pieces, pushing myself in ways I didn't think I was capable. I… read more »
Date: 07.24.2015
I've emphasized my love of online classes before, based on the ones I've taught for LitReactor, but today I want to share news about this class on The Business of Blogging About Sex, taught by two women who know this from many years of experience, Epiphora, whose blog's tagline is "where sex toys go to get judged" and JoEllen Notte, aka The Redhead Bedhead. I will also be contributing a segment on writing erotica. They'll cover topics such as setting up a blog, posting, making mo… read more »
Date: 07.22.2015
To find out, check out my first article for Contently, "5 Ways to Use Hate Mail to Your Advantage." I learned a lot from the writers who shared their hate mail stories with me (not all of them made it into the final piece) and it helped me get some perspective on my unexpected hater. I was especially pleased because I've been reading Contently's great, well, content about freelance writing and hosting a writing portfolio on their site with many of my clips, which makes it handy to pass o… read more »
Date: 07.16.2015
Check out "Confessions of a 'rope fiend'" at Philadelphia City Paper to find out all about why memoirist Emily Bingham loves rope bondage so much.

Here's a snippet: Bingham??s evolved from being the one solely on the receiving end to doing the trussing herself and says now she ???enjoys doing the binding as much as I enjoy being bound.??? Rope, especially made from hemp or jute, is her favorite tool. Handcuffs just won??t do. Bingham gets practically poetic about her favorite equipme… read more »
Date: 07.15.2015
That's the question I tackled in my latest DAME column, "Is Orgasm Equality As Simple As Tit for Tat?" where I looked at recent statements by Nicki Minaj and Amy Schumer about how women should demand and go after an orgasm, and explored a few reasons why it may not be so simple. Want to read more? Check out my DAME Shameless Sex archives.

Here's a snippet of this one: "n situations like this, it??s as if, rather than demanding orgasms, they are being demanded of us. Or, as author Jenny B… read more »
Date: 07.14.2015
This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 16, 17 and 18, I'll be in Princeton, New Jersey seeing my boyfriend's debut work as a playwright, Bottle Factory, put on by his company Chimera Productions. You can watch a video about it and get tickets and more info on their IndieGogo page. They are raising money to cover the costs for theater and prop rental so even if you can't make it, if you have any extra cash and want to support a wonderful company bringing great productions to the sta… read more »
Date: 07.10.2015
I wrote my first piece for DailyWorth, an essay titled "I Learned How NOT to Handle Money From My Dad." It's a pretty personal piece, but one I felt was important for me to write as part of my journey in figuring out my money. I'm usually not one to read comments, especially when I'm being vulnerable with my writing, but the comments so far over there have been very interesting and prove my theory that when you share from an intimate, personal place, others will too. Here's the b… read more »
Date: 07.09.2015
I got some good news this week about something I'll be writing, which I will share when it's published, but in a nutshell, it's about sex (shocking, I know!). Specifically, sex with my boyfriend, aka the person I plan to spend the rest of my life with. This is by far the longest relationship I've ever been in; last week we celebrated three and a half years together, and it's therefore also the relationship I've written about the most.

Over the years, I've covered whet… read more »
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