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Lusty Lady

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You can get a woman's perspective on everything from writing to sex on this blog website. Learn a little about the female ways and wonders.
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This is a great site, I enjoyed it a lot. Lusty Lady holds a lot of writings that are so well done, so thought-through and so articulate that I had trouble pulling myself away. There are numerous links here, some that will take you to more of Rachel’s writings through other blog sites, books, etc. so you won’t become lost on finding more from this fascination female that’s captured your interest.
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Date: 05.22.2015
I've written a lot for Salon this week, and have been linking the articles mainly on Twitter. It's been a crazy week, which I'll share more about as soon as I have time, but I wanted to share this piece on why women lie about their age, Rebel Wilson, Maggie Gyllenaal and Hollywood age discrimination.

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Date: 05.21.2015
Next Wednesday, I'll be hopping on New Jersey Transit to attend Book Expo America, where I'll be signing free copies of Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica. It's one of my last trips to New York before I move to South Jersey, where I'll be much closer to Philadelphia than the Big Apple. It's also the last unpaid event I will do in New York. I'm excited to step into a new role I'm creating for myself: that of a true businesswoman. I will be continuing the process I started thi… read more »
Date: 05.21.2015
It's actually about masturbation's cultural stigma and issues around sex positivity when it comes to National Masturbation Month. Many thanks to Jenne Davis of and Hannah Jorden of The Smitten Kitten for letting me interview them! Want to read my sex column archives at Philadelphia City Paper? Click here. Email me at rachelcitypaper at with any suggestions for future columns. And yes, that's me with a Magic Wand.

Speaking of masturbation, my anthology Come Agai… read more »
Date: 05.20.2015
At Salon, I wrote about why "dad bod" is a not so subtle way of fat-shaming.

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Date: 05.19.2015
This won't be the grand, wonderful, amazing post I wish it could be, similar how no piece of writing I do is ever as perfect as I hope it will be, because it's 7:30 a.m., I have a 10 a.m. writing deadline, a LitReactor class awaiting feedback, a mover coming to assess how much I have to pack and lots more to do today. Which reminds me that I didn't share my links here yesterday, but I wrote about Cate Blanchett not being a sexual role model and surveyed Mad Men fan fiction for Salon.… read more »
Date: 05.17.2015
I'm still in moving madness, but I know have a moving date and new home. So it's three and a half more weeks of madness and then real suburbia for me! I'll be near Atlantic City, so am hoping to check out some concerts and perhaps play some slot machines once in a while.

Catching up, on Friday I wrote about "The Human Side of Sex Dolls" for Lady Smut, including the fact that you can order a doll with a flaccid penis or one with elf ears!

I was inspired by the incredible story "Must L… read more »
Date: 05.14.2015
I'm not going to apologize for this post title. I had to do it! You can find out exactly what happens in my column "What happens when a 'manwhore' podcast host gets naked with guests" about Billy Procida and his nude episodes of The Manwhore Podcast in Philadelphia City Paper. Missed any past columns? Read the archives here and send any story ideas, be they interesting people, events, subjects, fetishes, etc., to rachelcitypaper at Thanks for reading!

read more »
Date: 05.11.2015
First I want to say a huge thank you to anyone who's ever bought my books. It means a lot to me personally and to my ability to continue to work as a freelancer and keep on producing erotica books (for any women authors out there, my call for submissions for Best Women's Erotica 2016 closes June 1st, and stay tuned to my website and monthly newsletter and this blog for more erotic short story calls).

I'm in the process of moving which is disrupting much of my life, but the good news … read more »
Date: 05.08.2015
I'm sure I will be posting more about the moving process, but the big news in my life is that, for the third time in three years, I am again changing homes, though I will still be a Jersey girl, this time a little further south, closer to Atlantic City. It's an area I don't know much about, but am looking forward to learning. So I'm once again packing up my seemingly endless collection of books, this time paring down from around 35 boxes to 10, as I promised to do last year when … read more »
Date: 05.08.2015
Tomorrow (Friday, May 8th), I'll be in Philadelphia, home of my Philadelphia City Paper sex column, to teach my erotica writing workshop from 3:45-5:15 pm for SEXx Interactive at The Unitarian Universalist Church, 2125 Chestnut. You can register at the conference (online registration has ended). Sorry to be posting so late about it but I hope to see some of you there! Read more about the conference in this week's sex column about SEXx and last week's on sex, feminism and SEXx keynote… read more »
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