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What The Fuck

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They say there's nothing in life free anymore, but that's just not so, especially when it comes to sex, this site holds a lot for nothing.
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I found myself actually spending more time on this site. Not only is it laid out with an ease to finding what you want, but there is so much material here, you are going to have a good time. Through the center are little video clips in WMV format that are things you don’t expect to see, but on What The Fuck, a favorite little snippet of mine, is under the heading, “TV in Japan: Scrotum Slap.”
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[v]Latest What The Fuck news
Date: 06.24.2018
Paloma Fiuza is a Brazilian actress and TV celeb, but she should be doing porn instead. I'd love to see her do a private sex tape. read more »
Date: 06.23.2018
I strongly reject the stigma surrounding premature ejaculation. The quicker you're done, the quicker you can go back to sleep. read more »
Date: 06.22.2018
In the midst of fighting over fried chicken, Monique's succulent left titty makes a cameo appearance. Ok, I lost my appetite! read more »
Date: 06.21.2018
Looking at this hot chick's perfect ass is enough to make a guy cum, let alone when she starts riding your cock like that. Damn! read more »
Date: 06.20.2018
Cute emo chick goes to town on her tight teen pussy in front of her webcam for nearly 20 mins. I blew my load after only 5. read more »
Date: 06.19.2018
Horrific and gory accident leaves one guy with his face smeared all over the asphalt and another guy has his penis ripped off. read more »
Date: 06.18.2018
Not soon after this video was shot, police raided the joint. Not sure what the problem was though... just a bunch of horny people banging each other in a basement!? read more »
Date: 06.17.2018
Nasty slut squirts into her hot friend's mouth and face while she rams a fist up her a-hole and a giant dildo up her juicy c-hole. read more »
Date: 06.16.2018
Even the biggest dork on campus managed to lay this big titted slut from my economics class in the bathroom at this kegger. read more »
Date: 06.15.2018
Not only does he get ass raped by a dog, but his soldier buddies caught the whole thing on video and use it to ruin his life. read more »
Date: 06.14.2018
This dude decided to have his groin area and two weeks later it started to ache. He got this nasty ingrown hair/zit on his shaft. read more »
Date: 06.13.2018
She went to see her doctor to get something done about those big pussy flaps of hers, but instead he violates her butthole. read more »
Date: 06.12.2018
Nothing quite like sucker punching your younger brother in the face when he's running on a treadmill. Is he crying? read more »
Date: 06.11.2018
Have a look at these soccer videos. What a bunch of faggots, probably the main reason soccer doesn't do well in the US. read more »
Date: 06.10.2018
Only gorgeous chicks are allowed to wear something like this and even then they have to take it off as soon as possible... read more »
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