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Aggressive Pass

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Someone just laid a cookie jar of juiciness on your lap, so lift the lid and dig in! Your satisfaction will fall into place through hardcore fun.
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Complete review published on 05.12.2018
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[v]Intro promises(3.5)

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Oh for those naughty thoughts you have in the middle of the night, when you awaken to an arousal gnawing at your very soulÖwell, thankfully this site is holding their own sort of warm milk and lullabies that will have you in dream land. This site is chalk full of promises, including the players being amateur, hardcore and softcore displays with over 50 sites included of nice quality!

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on January 24, 2019.

Over 900 videos about 7 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: Partially protected
+ Full Movies
AVI (3900kb/s, 640x480)
WMV (3300kb/s, 720x480)
RealVideo (2225kb/s, 640x480)
Over 12000 galleries about 70 pictures each
+ Fullscreen pictures, Video captures, Zip archives
3rd Party Feeds, Bonus Sites

[v]PricesLast updated on January 24, 2019.

$29.95 / one month (recurring)
$34.95 / one month (non-recurring)
$59.95 / three months (non-recurring)

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Itís been a long time since I opened a main membership area and actually didnít know where to begin with description, but Aggressive Pass has swept me into a whirlwind of just wanting to say, ďOh my!Ē Thereís a lot, itís busy, it will take a minute to focus, but then once you do, youíre going to find a lot of content that will be at your fingertipsÖeven though your fingertips are going to be a bit pre-occupied! After doing an initial sweep through, a few of their finger attributes I can easily mention are; the content looks to be exclusive, as was promised through the tour area of this site, there is a large amount of models which range in multiple ages to fit the niches offered by their many sites, some will be bouncing teens of tightness that canít wait for more hardcore sexual experience while others are older mature babes that know the ropes and now want to use them for experienced filming, the same seems to apply to body shapes and sizes a swell, a welcome variance of amateur excitement.

Ok, so after a more in depth look I will change my one comment on this content being exclusive and revise it to mostly exclusive, they offer some sites that donít really fall under their normal display, so there are going to be variances, in fact, quite a few of them. Iím not a fan of the layout, it takes too much thought getting from A to Z on the alphabetical list of cunning acts, and granted, there are a lot of sites involved, but still a bit more organization would have made a big difference. There is enough hardcore entertainment included to allow it to fall under that sort of niche Öbut Iím finding much more softcore throughout the multiple sites. They carry quite a few solo girls, posing, stripping and masturbating for the camera, which is never a bad thing of course, but, I just wanted to make you aware. They feature the barely legal set that will be getting their sexual groove on, and then some content will slip into the prettiness of those amateur babes that are hovering in the mid 20ís and from them, you get a bit more experience, not to mention the thigh high stockings, lingerie and eagerness to be more erotic.

Yes, they do also include the MILF enjoyment, along with some fetish fun, including cuckold content and more. As I said, things are a bit confusing in the layout, and with their being so many sites to have to venture into, my numbers for content count, videos and galleries alike will be a bit estimated, but will be close. Unfortunately this network doesnít follow the same protocol as many others in the realm of keeping a pattern of display for their content, usually they allow you to get use to a presentation which will make you feel at home and comfortable in breezing through one beauty and banging segment to another, but from here, itís different most all the way around, so assume nothing and prepare yourself to have acclamation ahead of you, not to mention the need to keep adding username and password.
One thing that has stuck a bit in my craw from the pledges and promises within the sites was the way they toss around those two letters so freely when it comes to their videos, ďHD,Ē and I didnít find any that fell under technical numbers high enough to warrant that honor. Now donít get me wrong, there is high resolution, and the viewing is more than pleasurable, but, itís not HD. You can stream or download, which is always nice while you search for the niche thatís going right for your nuts! Each site presents itself with a basic amateur-ish look, and I canít quite get past the point of they really do need to do some revamping to their structure, that would help tremendously.

The best way for me to explain what youíre going to find from Aggressive Pass would be to expect most anything and you may just get it! Some sites hold high resolution pictures, while others carry a much lower quality with lighting that leaves a lot to be desired, in fact, many of them carry a look of being shot by the players themselves from home equipment, but if thatís what they were doing, thatís the way it should have been presented, it would have made the amateur realm of things much easier to swallow. Some will hold a ZIP option while others donít. The formats for video clip viewing will vary from site to site. So, just come in with an open mind, knowing that there are some permanent things youíll receive that will make your membership worth it.

Those factors fall under bringing one of their downfalls into an uplifting offering, a vast array of difference, after all, you never know just what your balls are calling for. They do keep steady with their pledge of daily updates here and there throughout the network, meaning the large count of numbers already here are going to keep escalating at a rate that will make your membership dollars more than worth the wanking material youíre receiving. They do carry multiples in formatsÖand there is a DVD area, more as a bonus than self containing footage, but from here, youíre going to have much more content that is only going to put a bigger smile on your face.


If youíre looking for amateur, softcore, and hardcore, with enough sites to keep you busy for months, not to mention daily updates that will keep them growing on a revolving basis, then Aggressive Pass may be what youíve been looking for. I will however warn you ahead of time, I was not a fan with their layout, everything was too busy, too willy-nilly in their offerings, no pattern to anything, meaning you open a site and itís going to be anyoneís guess as to what you find inside. The numbers are high, the quality is high resolution in videos, but not HD in what I viewed as they promisedÖimages are in a frenzy, differing in levels of niceness and not so nice from site to site.
Inspector: Missy
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