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Dusk TV

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This streaming network caters to those of you looking for hardcore that is more sensual, has higher production values, and is utterly devoid of fluff.
Site type: Pay site, category: Video, Hardcore
Complete review published on 04.16.2018
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[v]Intro promises(5)

After a more erotic TV experience? Then you might want to take Dusk TV for a spin. Its tour page gives a glimpse at an exciting programming schedule featuring some of Europe's hottest up-and-coming models. What's more, it caters to the Netflix generation with its backlog of "Cum-on-Demand" titles and promise of "unlimited HD streaming on all devices." Which means all you youngsters can binge-watch to heart's content.

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on June 24, 2018.

Over 200 videos about 50 minutes each (stream only)
MP4 (1920x1080)
MP4 (1280x720)
MP4 (544x576)
MP4 (480x360)
MP4 (480x276)

[v]PricesLast updated on June 24, 2018.

$11 / one month (recurring)
$42 / six months (recurring)
$78 / one year (recurring)


The Dusk TV membership area was neatly organized, laying out an abundance of options in a way that was not at all overwhelming. And that's quite the feat considering that there are 9 different sections to the site. In addition to the expected "Online TV" and "Cum-on-Demand" areas, they also have an e-zine, a "Cum & Go" section, and their very own panel for research into what women find erotic(more on this later). They show room for growth, too, with their own shop marked as "Coming Soon."

Speaking of which, it had been a while since I'd shot a load, so I went ahead and dived into their programming schedule. I caught a little program entitled Soulmates, which, so far as I could tell, was about two English hotties who live together on an expansive countryside estate. I must confess, I quite enjoyed watching their picnic, which seemed to focus more on chowing down on each other than the contents of their picnic basket. Go figure.

I'm not easily satisfied, though, so I went ahead and checked out the TV Guide to see what was up next. As it turns out, they have separate programming schedules for the Netherlands and Europe in general. Between the two the schedule was well filled up, with over 23 upcoming programs lined up for the day. Programs with titles like Riot Girls, Hard Rain, and The Stepmother 11.

But if you're not in the mood to wait, there's 200 on-demand titles to choose from. Like the scheduled programming, these flicks feature ultra high production values, and an decidedly artistic turn. But also like the main content, they definitely steer toward the hardcore end of the spectrum with unprotected penetration, lesbian sex, and the occasional threesome. They are also broken up into categories like Sweet & Sensual, Fetish Play, Smoking Hot, and Artsy.

I can't stress enough how awesome the production values on these scenes are. I really felt like I was watching a genuine network television channel albeit an extremely filthy one by state-side standards. The camera work, lighting, props even the acting is all a cut above what you'd expect to see a porno.

Oh, and in addition to the "Cum-on-Demand" videos, they also have a rotating selection of "Cum & Go" movies. They usually stay up on the site 2-4 days, before being taken down and replaced with new selections. So, catch them while you can.

So far as raw playback quality is concerned, the on-demand videos can be streamed in 5 different resolutions, ranging from 270p all the way up to 1080p. The regularly scheduled programming, on the other hand, seems to be limited to just three formats: 370p, 576p, and 720p. I'm not sure why they didn't add a 1080p option. This is definitely a bit of a letdown, but I will admit that the 720p does look quite fine, indeed.

They have also provided a little educational material for the old spank bank, too. There are currently 25 videos under the "How-To" section of the site, guiding you through everything from dirty talking and anal to entry level bondage. These guides are extremely hands on, featuring step-by-step examples given by sexy performers, which make these babies worth checking out even for the experienced deviant.

Streaming movies aren't all this site is about, though. As I touched upon earlier, they their own Dusk Magazine, which has already published 146 articles on the site with nearly a dozen categories to choose from. Just to give you an idea, they have News(like dusk porn awards coverage), Play & Rate(reviews of sex toys), Cock-tails(drink recipes), Lifestyle(mostly focusing on diet and exercise think sexy yoga and beach body routines), Study(does watching porn make you religious? Do Lesbains climax more often than women in straight relationships?), Inside Look, Fun Stuff, Sex Tips & Tricks, Read & Cum you get the picture.

More importantly, however, is that whole Panel section I mentioned at the beginning of the review. I think this is worth mentioning, as it shows just how serious the folks at Dusk take their erotica, as well as their growing commitment to improving the artform.

The Panel was created in mind with the idea that the bulk of porn out there has been created specifically to titillate the male senses. Often, the male body is hardly shown at all(think P.O.V.), with all the focus being on the woman as a vessel of pleasure. They look to change this, but they're going to need help. Which is why they are actively recruiting new female members for The Panel. These brave ladies will watch erotica, having their responses gauged all the while, ultimately helping to create a new brand of "Porna," as they like to call it, to better satisfy our horny sisters.

But even if you don't care porn that better caters to women, I think you still might find their "Porna" idea intriguing. Because aside from the whole departure from patriarchy in porno angle, they describe smut free from shoddy filming, high-heels, makeup, breast implants, and fake orgasms. And that's something I think a much broader audience can get behind. Not to mention it goes a long way in explaining why the content already on the site was so darn excellent.


I truly did enjoy my stay at Dusk TV. Their programming schedule and on-demand videos all featured extremely high production values, and the wrap-around footage and music was very reminscient of a legitimate network TV station. I also admire their commitment to making porn with natural models and genuine orgasms. Admittedly, there isn't quite as much on-demand content as I would have liked, but given the site's reasonable monthly membership fees, I suppose their current stock should suffice while they continue to grow. Highly recommended to anyone looking for more erotic hardcore featuring foreplay, high production values, and a bit of an artistic touch.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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