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A totally new and sexy experience waits for you here with a fantasy role playing game you control, told in images, which is original and fun.
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Complete review published on 12.08.2018
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[v]Intro promises(4.5)

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Here is something unique and very unusual. is an online role playing game where members compete to see who can seduce the hottest, horniest Hungarian girls in the fantasy game. You sign up and log in and then buy credits with your card in order to progress through the game. You can pay as little at $3.95 for ten credits and up to $19.95 for 80. There are five games and a bonus game, you can break off and pause and then resume a game later.

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[v]PricesLast updated on April 23, 2019.

$3.95 / 10 credits (non-recurring)
$9.95 / 30 credits (non-recurring)
$19.95 / 80 credits (non-recurring)
Billing: CCBill
Terms: May cancel anytime before rebill date
Payment options: Credit Cards, By Phone


I have never come across a site like this before so I can't compare it to anything. That in a way is a good thing, the fact that I have not seen anything like it means that it is going to be pretty unique, if not totally unique. I've been reviewing adult sites for ten years now and this is the first time I have seen anything as original as I’ll work my way through it as a game-player virgin and see what transpires.

I had 20 credits to play with and I started off at the beginning of an adventure. There is a large image in the centre of the screen, a description of the quest to the right and the operations centre to the left; there you add more credits and have a selection of items, I assume to use later. So, one image, and three choices. You read the story so far and then decide what you are going to do. You make your choice and the image changes straight away, the scene moves on and she reacts according to how you behaved. Combining the descriptions of the action on the right and your choices underneath the image, the story progresses. You can, I guess, choose to be crass, or you can play for real and see how far you can get these girls to go before they either slap you in the face and run off, or let you seduce them, in which case…who knows!

Well, to be honest, I am clearly no good at this game. I played for ages, got a little bit addicted and then still didn’t manage to get her clothes off. By the same token I didn’t seem to use any credits. I wasn't sure where I was going so I checked the Help area. This page was kind of helpful in that the question ‘Can I play through the game without buying credits?’ was answered with ‘maybe’ which makes me think it’s possible, but it didn’t explain to me what my items were all about – perhaps they come into play later when I get stuck, perhaps you use credits to use your items, things such as Whisky or a Plush Dog or ‘Understanding Women’, something which would certainly be worth paying for.
But still, I found the site fun and distracting and not too costly to play. We are told that you can actually reach the end, though that end will depend on how you react to the questions and situation. You can break off a game at any time and pause it, then start another and try your hand with a different girl. There were six girls and six stories in the model index, and the titles give you a rough idea of what the stories are going to be: The Fitness Babe, At The River and Barely 18. One of the videos is a demo actually but there is a bonus game. When I went to this I discovered that all my credits had suddenly vanished. Perhaps, then, you use them per game, so 10 credits will get you half a game and 30 will get you one and a half games? I can't tell you, to be honest, as this was one area the site was lacking: explaining where your credits go. Maybe I missed the info.

[v]Conclusion(3.9) is certainly very unique and it will be a fun distraction for anyone who is up for a challenge. I have to admit that the credit and spending rules defeated me (as did the girls, I was useless at the games, which can be quite tricky), and so I ended up playing half a game and apparently spending 20 credits. But it is easy and not too expensive to top them up again. It’s fun, it’s different and, most importantly, the Hungarian girls taking part are very sexy.
Inspector: Luke Preston
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