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Love Wetting

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Things are going to get messy from this site, in fact, a shower will be called for after, because of the golden shower happening before.
Site type: Pay site, category: Watersports, Video, Fetish
Complete review published on 04.24.2017
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[v]Intro promises(5)

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If you’ve ever had to go so badly, you find yourself doing the pee-pee dance, then you’ll understand what a welcome relief it is for these females to release their bladder content…not to mention how kinky it is for a fetish voyeur to view, making it a winning and wet situation. Love Wetting is a pay-per-download site offering a preview page to show the type of material you’ll be purchasing.

[v]Content Amount(4.5)Last updated on November 30, 2017.

Over 905 videos about 9 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies
MP4 (5000kb/s, 1920x1080)
MP4 (1500kb/s, 720x480)
Flash (1440x1080)
Flash (1920x1080)
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[v]PricesLast updated on November 30, 2017.

$15 / one month (steaming only) (recurring)
$30 / one month (streaming and downloads) (recurring)


Before venturing into the detail of things too deeply, especially as far as the fetish niche goes and what’s offered, I did want to reiterate a bit more on how their payment for presentation will work. As I mentioned through intro, this is a pay as you download site, so, there will be no recurring fees, you only purchase what you’ll need, and if you run out, then buying more will be an option. Things are explained in this manner; most of the videos will cost in the neighborhood of, 5 credits, and, if you’ll remember, throughout intro it said credits are, one-dollar each. For those credits the clips span somewhere between 7 and 15 minutes in length, and, once you download 3 of their fetish videos, you get to then download 3 bonus ones, a win/win situation.

They have things laid out well within the main membership for, this site. The main page will immediately bring up a list of the videos already downloaded by your username/email address, which must match each time you make a choice, and also a running tally of how many are needed to be bought before free bonus clips are your reward. Nicely done, that way, as a member, you don’t have to keep track of anything, just enough the fetish filled content. The deeper I go into the material here, the most I realize they truly have a knack of making a members’ experience, one to be remembered with floating fondness.

It’s not often, as an inspector, I can say a particular fetish site holds professional classiness, those two things don’t normally go hand in hand, in fact, when it comes to kinkiness, things normally get out of hand quickly, which is what’s expected, but, from this installment, the high quality, the well chosen backdrops and the great eye behind the camera, it’s coming together in a very professional manner, and watching these hot, amateur babes peeing, is truly done in a classy manner. This really isn’t the typical water-sports installment, yes, the end result may be very similar, but the leading up to that point and the actual delivery does differ. There will be drop down lists, allowing a member to choose from 30+ different models, and also a list of categories, such as, humiliation, shock, drinking, tickling, voyeur, etc.
They’ve truly done well in offering realistic scenarios for their saturating, fetish content. Not only do the women drink, and drink, until their bladders are filling to the point of being painful, but, it’s promised everything you witness is the real deal, their need is genuine, and when they do urinate, it happens at a time when they cannot possibly hold back any longer. The humiliation in some of the content again, does have a realistic glow about it. There’s something about watching a woman trying to her key into the lock of her door, needing to pee so badly and then having it release and darken the material of her jeans, all the way down both legs that says it could be an embarrassing moment for certain.

There will also be sets that center-case the more naughty side of the golden shower, where squatting on a coffee table, at the top of a set of stairs, nestled into the trunk of a car, or hovering over a toilet seat, as example, all for the sake of displaying the fine muscle tone they have, while their stream of urine projects high and long from their vaginal area, putting yet another spin to the already fetish filled material for this site.

They began their journey it seems in September, 2014, and with this now being the latter part of, April, 2015, with their 905 videos offered, I feel they’ve done well. Freshness seems to come at the rate of multiple times weekly, in clips that hold the golden streaming, which does include a message, letting you know, 5 credits is about to be removed from your account and a final confirmation click has to be made for the clip that offers outstanding clarity, and also the desirable downloading feature, where standard and HD is offered, and clip times do vary, but will be welcome. Nice write up descriptions from, Love Wetting will offer tag words such as; pissing, desperation, cleaning, competition, and drunk, to name a few.

Accompanying the video clips will be images, not holding a link of their own, be it as there are approximately 6 images offered with clips, and these are very well done, high resolution shots. I saw no option for downloading as a ZIP, but, from the browser, they’ll expand to a nice, 836x470 pixels, and make a nice addition to the credit purchased clips


This particular fetish may not be for everyone, but, for those that enjoy the saturation of golden showers, I would highly recommend the quality, frequent updating and all around hot-topic scenarios offered from, Love Wetting. The kinkiness of this site will exhibit much nudity, but the sexual aspect falls in the urination itself, as that is the main niche. The promises of high quality held true, with the delivery of HD and standard as well from videos and high resolution shots of minimal count accompanying film clips.
Inspector: Missy
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