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Pee Hunters

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You do more than dabble in dribble here, these are full fledged releases of the bladder contents on this wet website, be it indoors or out.
Site type: Pay site, category: Watersports
Complete review published on 08.28.2020
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Claimed on Pee Hunters is that they love spying and hunting for outdoor water releases, and they are happy to introduce this exclusive site. Notice the word “exclusive?” They say it’s fully devoted to outdoor peeing materials of all kinds.Some of this material is said to be gained as these girls are becoming one with nature, while other is taken from spy cams catching the flow before they get caught

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Neon type colors greet you when you open up the member’s section. Glowing headers of different site areas and also a nice breakdown for photos and movies, you can choose either indoor or outdoor. Hmm, I guess if I had to choose what would be the most popular, my guess would be, the out-doors, a bit more taboo is how I would figure that to be. I mean, how often do you drive through the country-side and see some girl squatting down and relieving herself in the grass? Let’s just hope it’s been mowed recently or those blades will tickle her butt for sure! The beginning page also holds News and Updates for this site. If you stay a member for their three-day trial period you will also receive full access to 6 other pay sites on the 4th day for free. These sites are; “Cuties in Tights,” “Flower Panties,” “ Plumper World,” “ Young Fatties,” “Plump Mature,” and, “Matures World.” So that gives you a little moist incentive to stick around through the relief of these young models.

Yep, you guessed it, I’m starting with photos and of course the out-door shots. I admit, I have a little orneriness flowing through my veins and there have been times when I just wasn’t able to hold it until I got to the closest public restroom. And after all, the great out-doors needs a little irrigation now and then, right? You’ve got a nice soggy selection of images to this site. Some of the girls are completely naked, some just from the waist down while yet others are just pulling down their panties and sighing relief as they let it all go. You’ve got urine in the weeds, peeing in the sand and a golden stream discoloring the pure white snow as well. Some of the image galleries carry the girl’s name, but there are some that are listed under “unknown girl” so that makes it even naughtier to think this chick was caught straddling the four-leaf clovers and maybe didn’t know the camera was picking up her bursting bladder. I do have a soft spot for naughty acts that are caught unbeknownst to the perpetrator.

My illicit illusions were soon burst when I ventured into the “indoor” pictures. There are also girls on there that are “unknown” but the way they were posing for the camera, I’d say they definitely knew they were being captured on film. Well, I’m going to keep my fantasy about the outdoor shots, after all, we can make them anything we want in our minds, right? With a total of 430 galleries and an average of 80 images per gallery, you get a nice photo album full of whiz here. Thumbnails are nicely sized, everything is neat and orderly, but if I may say one thing…it would have been nice for a thin black border around the images, that would have really set them off from the background. The blow-ups are exceptionally clear and the lighting seems to be pretty good. The pixel sizes for these enlargements, come in at, 683x1024. The close-ups are nicely done, you can almost hear the trickling sounds as the stream makes contact with its intended target.
The Pee Hunters award for the most talented tinkler in my book goes to Jane. That girl has mastered aiming her flow and can pee standing up as if she had the male equipment to do so. Huh, why not get into a peeing contest with her? I bet she can write her name in the snow, that would be first, last and middle name because her bladder does hold a large amount before she sets it free. Oh, and she also gives you the thrill of watching her clean up afterwards. A lot of her shots are completely naked, and you can tell her body hasn’t been medically altered in any way, a nice set of breasts, lean hips and a flat tummy…and let’s not forget that magic area between her thighs that will definitely impress you.

I found under the software link the areas to download any software that you might need for viewing these movies. They list the latest DivX codec, saying that you’ll need it to play most of their movies, Nimo Codec Pack, a video codec, XviD MPEG 4, another video codec, and Windows Media Player 9 for Windows 98 second edition, Me, and 2000, a video player. The indoor and outdoor movies add up to 65, and they all carry 1 to 4 clips each. There is a rating number under the advertising image, I guess that let’s you know how much their actions turned on the peeing passions of other members.

I first ventured into Margo’s movies on Pee Hunter. She held 4 clips, all with a downloadable option of, between 15.96MB and 32.53MB. The streaming version as well is offered, and as an example, the first clip, which is the 32.53MB plays for 1:38 minute(s), no bit rate was offered, but the video size was, 640x480. I noticed this, like some of the other clips were a bit fuzzy, but not enough to take away from what you are wanting to see the most. And just so you know, Margo is completely naked in these clips and doesn’t mind squatting down for you to watch her bodily functions flow through the great outdoors. These clips got a rating of 5.2, which I can understand. You’ll have the opportunity to vote as well, the rating set is at, “mind blowing,” “sizzling,” “hot,” “interesting,” and “poor.” Come on girls, chug that water, let’s give the folks a show that will bring you in a rating higher than “poor!”

You’ll find an exceptionally nice number of stories to this site as well. Topics that are more vast than just the fetish of urination, there is a bit of this and that for everyone, so you can expand your horny horizons here. You’ll find 1,843 stories in all, so that means some late night reading and a sore dick in the morning! There is also a “Personals” area to this site, and when I clicked on the appropriate link it took me to yet another site called, “New Lover.” Here they promise you can chat and meet with serious women, real women that are looking for hot adventures to spice up their lives.


If hanging around outside a women’s restroom gives you a boner just thinking about all the wet wildness that’s going on inside, then you will enjoy Pee Hunters. There are no stall doors to block your view of the deed, these ladies spread them and straddle them and also squat to give you the full stream of what they’ve been dancing around to hold in until the camera was ready.
Inspector: Missy
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