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Spank Pass

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No need to take these girls out behind the barn for their punishment, they are baring their buns and getting spanked right here on camera!
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Complete review published on 09.27.2017
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On this site you are offered membership that will allow you to move around freely between four different sites, Spanking Online, Spank My Bottom, Spanking Digital and Spanking Images. They promise that all material is exclusive and more than worth the money for membership. They claim full access to thousands of high quality spanking movies and gigabytes of hi-quality photos in complete sets.

[v]Content Amount(4.5)Last updated on September 28, 2018.

Over 769 videos about 15 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies
WMV (1500kb/s, 960x540)
WMV (550kb/s, 360x288)
RealVideo (400kb/s, 352x288)
RealVideo (2000kb/s, 960x540)
WMV (6300kb/s, 1280x720)
Over 1123 galleries about 35 pictures each
+ Fullscreen pictures, Video captures, Zip archives
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[v]PricesLast updated on September 28, 2018.

$39.95 / one month (recurring)
$59.95 / three months (recurring)
$89.95 / six months (non-recurring)

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Skirt clad schoolgirl gets her nicely shaped bare bottom seriously slapped Blonde and brunette get their charming asses spanked side by side by the same man Blonde girl in red and white college uniform takes off her blue panties and gets spanked Blonde girl pulls off her pajamas and gets her nude tight ass mercilessly spanked in the evening Girl in skirt pulls down her panties and gets her ass spanked by angry lady
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This membership of discipline opens up it’s well protected doors with a message, Spank Pass members can only access the below member areas from this point – your codes will not work if you try login directly via each of the sites. So this is the starting block to get into any of this hard hitting action. There is going to be a lot of content for this website, but I’ll break it down into each area and give you an overview of what they all offer. You’ll be so excited you won’t be able to sit down for a week!

Shall we venture into Spanking Online first and see what sort of naughty things they have to offer? I always like to venture into a FAQ section if one is offered, just to get some breakdowns before we get into the nitty gritty of it all. They say in this area that you need to have Real Player installed, that they are now using the Real9 Codec, which is much improved. They claim that streaming movies are not offered, only downloadable options because they feel their members will enjoy being able to download the hot spanking flicks to watch over and over again from their hard drive.

There are updates down 5 times a week for these sites and by the long list of updates offered on the first membership page of this site, they really have been busy. This site may be the one thing that you wish for the most this year, especially for those of you that enjoy a little slap and tickle now and then. Spanking Online has great headings for the photo galleries, you are offered groups under the desire of, “School Girl,” “ OTK (over the knee),” “All Girl” and “Domestic.” There is also an area called, “Video Grab” which are still shots taken from movies. Now I know you men enjoy the thoughts of sweet little school girls being made to lift their plaid skirts and pull down their white panties to feel your palm or paddle, so we’ll check out the “School Girl” area first,…. just for you of course.

In this group you’ll find 26 galleries, all with advertising shots of red bottoms and sad faces. By the way, you do get the white cotton panties in here as I predicted, and they are even the granny style of briefs, but they hide mostly shaven snatches, which I thought was cute. These cheeks are literally glowing from the abuse of canes and paddles. I’m sure whatever they are being punished for, they won’t do it again…..or will they? The majority of these galleries hold approximately 36 photos, but some go 40+. There are even multiple girls lined up with their panties in a bunch and pain stricken expressions to show that it doesn’t hurt less to have a buddy getting spanked as well. I like the way they’ve laid out the thumbnail images, white background, with a black frame around the pictures, making them pop from the page and just giving an overall nice presentation. The thumbnail sizes are, 88x120 while the enlargements come in at a crystal clear, warming glow of, 1536x2304 pixels. These are some of the largest images I’ve seen in blow up, which tells me they spare nothing to make your visit through this site an enjoyable one. The galleries are offered in zip archives as well. These pictures are so large and so clear, you can almost smell the leather of the straps being used.

The movie section resembles the image area in the way they have headings placed so you can get right into the area that tickles your pickle the most. There is, “School Girl,” “Severe,” “OTK,” “Domestic,” “All Girl,” and, “Hands,” Since everyone enjoys skin to skin motion, shall we check out the “Hands” section and see how badly these palms are stinging and burning….not to mention the butts. Again, this area is laid out nicely, plenty of information and easily navigated. There are, 5 movies here, each broken into clips of 3, but there is an option for downloading all parts in one file, either RM format or WMV. Some of the areas just so you know, go up to 30 offered movies, none of them have the same amount of content. The movie clips offered in this section are around 4MB in size, they run about one minute in length, and the full movie comes out to around 15.62MB in WMV format, so you are looking at about 3+ minutes in it’s entirety, but then of course when you look at the content topic, 3+ minutes is a long time to be getting the switch put to your buns! Just so you know in the “All Girls” section I checked out the movies there as well, one example is a clip sized 4.16MB, it was 1:03 in time, 548Kbps, and the video size was, 360x288.
Moving on through the members' area we’ll gather some information on “Spanking Digital.” Opening up this page we find it to be panty filled of the latest movie uploads and image movie grabs, so you’ll be getting video screen shots for images on this website. There are 52 areas to venture into here, and I must say, some of the gallery advertising images show raw asses, I mean, they just nearly look like they could bleed from the reed that has punished them. Ouch! One of my favorites after glancing through was one that shows a paddle being used that has all the holes bored through it, now that would be a painful tool. These movies are offered in Real Player, with sizes averaging around 3.40MB in the clips, (approximately 6 clips per choice). But some do go up to 20+ clips as well, again, a vast array of sizes. You do have the option of downloading the full size file, which runs about 22MB-60MB, so you are looking at about 5-15 minutes of spanking action. There are blocks next to the full movie download option that says, “Video Capture Gallery,” which is what I assumed would be the captured images, but I couldn’t find any at first that were linked to anything. I’m not sure what this is all about, but there was no way to get into images, which is sad because so far I’ve enjoyed this site so much. Ok, hold on, I finally found an area that the image link worked, so let’s take a peek in there.

For this specific set of video clips there are 70 available, the thumbnails are small, measuring in at just 80x65, but the background, border, nice lighting, everything combines to make them easily seen although they aren’t blessed with a lot of size. Clicking on the images will bring them up to, 720x576 pixels, and they are close up images, I mean you can count every pubic hair, (where they are any) and the marks of their punishment are up close and personal as well. Again, I’m not sure why all of the movie grab links aren’t working, maybe it is just some sort of fluke that will be rectified by the time you purchase your membership.

We still have two more sites to venture through, and next on our list is, “Spank My Bottom,” which they say is the official Elizabeth Simpson Spanking Site. Here you’ll find another long list of updated material, so you can browse through and see what makes your dick twitch the most. Elizabeth is a pretty young girl that has a set of sad eyes that will draw you in. You’ll find images here that pertain to her escapades of dropping her undies to feel the thunder of a paddle against her bare, sensitive skin. There are 24 image galleries here, and I must say all of the pictures are wonderful. Each gallerie holds between 24 and 52 images. Thumbnail sizes are, 80x67 while the enlargement covers your monitor with, 872x720 pixels. There’s just something about seeing Elizabeth stretched across the cold, wooden dining room table while her ass is bared and beaten that makes you wonder if they eat from that same table?

There are headings for short movie archives and longer movie archives, so let’s check out the difference between the two. Ok, there is an immediate explanation of how the shorter movie archives are some shorter clips taken from non-staged punishments captured on film and don’t belong to a full video as such. These again are available in Real Player. The longer movie archives however is where you might want to start out. There are only 4 options here, but they are big and battering. The sizes run from 25.47MB (9:19 minutes), to, 68MB, (29:35 minutes). There is nothing posed that I have seen yet in any of the images or videos I’ve ventured into, the tortured looks on their faces while the act is being committed to their behind is all real. There is a link for newer movies and here you’ll find a list of 22 to choose from. With approximately 9 clips per movie, they average out to around 44MB if you download the full, uncut version.

The Spank Pass experience has left us with one more area to venture into, it’s called, “Spanking Images” and when you click on it, the first thing to load is a bright red background, but that will go well with the color of the asses. This website is all about the pictures, I don’t see any information in regards to videos, but you’ve got plenty to choose from in the other three areas. There are tons of pictures to these pages, all of them showing you what happens when these good girls decide to be bad….over and over again. Thumbnail sizes are, 80x80, and the click once to bring them to, 739x1669 pixels. Again, the quality of the pictures offered on this Spank Pass are phenomenal, I have really enjoyed the quality that they bring to the membership area. These pictures are available in zip archives as well, which is always a nice touch.


It has really been an adventure doing the review for this site. I never realized there could be so many red cheeks in one area before. There aren’t really any hard-core sexual acts that go on here, it’s mostly all about the fetish of spanking, and believe me, they cover that topic well!
Inspector: Missy
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