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Elite Pain

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Searching for a site where agony and bliss are so well intertwined that, after a while, one can hardly remember the difference between the two? Then look no further.
Site type: Pay site, category: Bdsm, Spanking
Complete review published on 10.23.2022
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The tour page for Elite Pain doesn't waste time with fancy sales spiels or promises, but instead lets its alarming tour imagery do the talking. The effect is quite powerful, too, because the photographs on display seem to be a chilling testament to the unbridled brutality that awaits those brave enough to enter its members' area. We're given a glimpse of women in bondage, tattooed with bright red marks and deep purple bruising, their faces a peculiar mix of agony and bliss.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on November 28, 2023.

Over 154 videos about 50 minutes each (download)
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+ Full Movies
MPEG-4 (12000kb/s, 1280x720)
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$49.95 per video
$39.95 per video
$29.95 per video


Once logged in, I was redirected to a page which gave thorough instructions for downloading and viewing the site's videos, as well as specifics on the different formats. At first glance this seemed like a bit much, but I soon realized it made a great deal of sense due to the fact that, upon purchasing a scene, the member only has 5 days to download it. Naturally, they don't want any confusion causing unnecessary delays.

To be honest, it's almost amusing seeing such a thoughtful gesture coming from such a wicked lot. Indeed, such an act of kindness seems quite out of place with the surroundings of this member area, with its ominous red-and-black color scheme, and its seemingly endless rows of still images of women being tortured in a myriad of ways.

That's another thing. Browsing these archives, I was completely awe-struck with the levels of creativity with which they put into making these submissive young women suffer. I saw all manner of medieval torture contraptions, crude and painful looking weapons, and even the occasional modern touches like clothes-pins and zip-ties -- who doesn't love tittie torture?

In fact, Elite Pain has spanned so many centuries worth of torture technology that they've even released series based on the techniques of different periods in history. For instance, There's a great multi-part series on Rome, and who could pass up those Spanish Inquisition videos? These videos are made better by an attempts to include period accurate costumes, as well as cute little references and nods for all you perverted historians.

Personally, I found myself gravitating towards the scenes which showcased the more elaborate contraptions. The beauty and refinement of the craftsmanship of these devices stood in marked contrast to the fashion in which they were used. Seeing these sweaty young beauties stretched and bruised, and grimacing in agony on what were surely modern marvels of technology in the ancient world was, without a doubt, boner inspiring.

That's not to say that all of these are period pieces, though. Despite what we'd like to think, humans haven't lost their propensity towards cruelty in the last few centuries, and they do a good job of reflecting this in their more modern productions. One scene, for instance, showed the torture of a rather unlucky young woman by a psychopathic young couple. Their crude torture devices and heartless demeanors brought to mind the stylings of serial killers like Dean Corll and John Wayne Gacey. I also got a kick out of another video, where a young girl's fate was left to a spin of the wheel that would fit right in on any television game show.

Perhaps even more interesting than that, though, is the fact that these scenes sometimes meld the future and past together. A great example of this is a scene I just watched which focused on punishing unruly young wives. In it, we see women clothed in modern lingerie, being talked down to by a man decked out in a monk's robe, carrying a whip. It was quite amusing watch one of the girls, looking rather modern with her Monroe lip piercing and shaved pussy, being face fucked, choked, and beaten so bad that 80% of her body was turned a shade of scarlett, by a holy man from who'd fit right in at some quaint monastery centuries of years ago.

But no matter which way your tastes run(modern or medieval), you'll be sure to find something that satisfies your own dark desires. As I write this there are 154 scenes listed on the site. Their thumbnails(and collections of screen caps) as well as their detailed descriptions, give you a very good idea of what sort of scene you'll be purchasing. But just to make sure there's no confusion whatsoever, they've also included some nifty little trailers, too.

Admittedly, prices can get quite steep, with some videos costing as much as 70 Euros. In their defense, though, these videos have rather long running times, and the action is within is undeniably relentless. Plus, if you look around, you can find plenty of scenes more modestly priced at around 20 Euros, and so far as I can tell there's no drop in overall quality.

Speaking of quality, once you've made your purchase(which can even be done with Bitcoin, I should mention), you have five days in which you can download your scene in the quality of option of your choice. Currently they offer a good looking SD Windows Media file, as well as great looking high-definition MPEG-4s. Once downloaded, you can watch the scene as many times as you want. Just be sure to download it in that five day window, though. Otherwise you're out of luck.


If you're after over-the-top BDSM action, and you're willing to pay extra for equal doses of supreme nastiness and top-notch production values, then I can't think of a site better suited to your needs than Elite Pain. They've taken human suffering to new heights, harnessing all of the best in medieval torture technology and period accurate costumes to make videos that are truly chilling. Admittedly, the language barrier in some of the scenes was off-putting at first, but I found myself quickly getting used to the subtitles. All in all, if it's pay-per-view bondage you're after, I can't think of many sites that compare. Highly recommended.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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