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Visit X

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Videos and still photography are great, but it's hard to beat real interaction with another human being. Which you'll find plenty of here. And thanks to the social networking features, you can make some real connections, too.
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Complete review published on 12.28.2020
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Even by live cam standards, the tour at Visit X is damn enticing. Potential members are sure to be dazzled by what looks to be a near full-view of the VIP area, which we're told houses over 100,000 amateur clips, 1,000,000 "private pictures," and a horde of horny models ready, willing, waiting. But the real cherry on top? Membership is absolutely free.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on October 26, 2023.

Over 132322 videos about 5 minutes each
Web Cams:
40000 models, online at a time: 214
Frame Rate: 15 fps
Sound, Text Chat, Broadcast Shows, Model Bio
Model Index, Blog

[v]PricesLast updated on October 26, 2023.

1.99€ per minute (private chat)
1.79€ per minute (group chat)
9.95€ / one month vip (recurring)
26€ / 25 eur credits
51€ / 50 eur credits

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My first trip to Visit X left me feeling a tad overwhelmed. Not only was I surrounded by menus, but also a model index that seemed endless; I tried making it to the last page, I really did, but I lost count(and use of the index finger on my right hand) somewhere around 306 pages and/or 4,600 models in. Impressive? Yes. But we've all seen cam sites with thousands of models. The real question is: How many of them are online? Well, on that initial visit, just over 400 237 of girls, 20 boys, 22 couples, and the rest a mishmash of Fetish and Live-Date categories. As you can imagine, that's a lot to take in not to mention a lot of people masturbating(hell, some even having intercourse) in the wee hours of a Tuesday morning. But not wanting to seem conspicuous, I decided to it'd be best to try an assimilate, aka ogle over women truly out of my league while desperately try to get their attention through crude and suggestive comments in the chat. Which is exactly what I'd be doing otherwise, anyway.

I felt my brain, once again, overload after clicking on my first model(a svelte brunette whose name, sadly, escapes me) and found myself staring at a page riddled with all sorts of tantalizing options live chat related and otherwise. For instance, each girl as in in-depth bio, as well as her own mini-photo and video-clip libraries. You can also add them to your "buddy list," email hell, there's even a tab for taking notes on individual models. This all might seem like a bit much, but it really makes sense to be so thorough when dollars can vanish in a matter of mere minutes. On that note, once you've found your girl, you're given three ways to proceed: Video Chat, Voyeur Chat, or Text Chat. The last(Text Chat) is totally free, and is your best option if you want to scope out a babe before throwing down your hard earned dollar. Voyeur Chat is 1.79E per minute, with video chat only slightly more expensive at 1.89.

For whatever reason perhaps feeling nostalgic for my days as a teenage Peeping Tom I went with the Voyeur Cam first. And with one click, a small embedded player materialized(approximately 620x476 pixels, or 1,034 x 781 when the window is maximized), giving me a very pleasant, albeit from the neck down, view of an athletic little body. Honestly, I hardly had time to notice her face wasn't in view. I was too fixated on her legs, which looked awesome in tight black fishnets. Plus, her camera not being perfectly adjusted did add a touch of authenticity to the whole spy scenario. Though I quite enjoyed her legs and chatter, I didn't want to blow my wad all in one place, so I decided to move onto the full video chat option with another babe.

This time I decided on a 23-year-old German brunette. She was petite, had a runway model look, and expressed a love for mid-show improvisation in her profile. Perfect. Once again, the embedded player loaded without hesitation, only this time I could see a lot more than legs; the camera was facing a bed, and my new friend was wearing a bikini, facing the camera bent down in a sexy, catlike pose.

"Hi there." I said.

At this point I noticed she was mid-convo with another user, but she quickly diverted her attention to me. I asked if I could "see her boobs." She smiled, then, being the consummate tease, did such a thorough job of milking it for every second possible that even a used cars salesman would be envious. And nearly a full minute later, her bikini top was slid down just enough so that both fully erect nipples were in full view. She feigned pulling the top down even more, then put her hand back down to her side and flashed me a cheeky smile. Needless to say, I was quite aroused by this point. However, the model was being a little slow to respond, so I decided I'd best move on.

And am I ever glad I did.

My next choice, another German, but this time a genuine teen who, in addition to being cute as a goddamn button, is also a self described "sexpert." And, indeed, upon loading video chat, I didn't have to wait for pleasantries or slow gesturing. No, almost as soon as the window materialized, she seemed to stand to attention. And, after pausing only the long to give me a quick wave and wink, she spun herself around, giving me full view of her fabulous rump, shaved pussy, and silky smooth high arches. She looked back again, winked, then produced a small vibrator which she promptly stuck up her ass hole. Now that's what I call service! And my luck didn't run out there. In an effort to spread my wealth as wide as possible, I sampled several other girls afterward, and was pleasantly surprised to find similar levels of enthusiasm. It should also be noted that results don't necessarily correlate with price. In fact, my best experiences on the site were also my cheapest. So, even if you aren't willing to spend nearly 3 euros a minute, you can still have a hell of a time. Just choose your model wisely.

Oh, and if you consider yourself especially kinky, you'll want to use the Fetish filter on the main page. There's usually 20-30 models from this category online at any given time, usually a mixture of goth girls, cosplay nerds, and chicks willing to fist themselves. I was also happy to find that the male models are well presented here, too. As I write this, 25 "Boys" are live. The current mix is pretty evenly split down the middle between twinks and bodybuilders.

All in all, this is a very strong site. However, no site is totally free of flaws, and I did notice a few during my stay. The most notable of which would be a lot of models having slow res, slightly choppy cameras. Perhaps that was just luck of the draw, but using the HD filter on the main page shows only 2 model online. Don't get me wrong, the quality is usually above average, just sometimes not as crisp as I'd have liked.

Also, with so many European models, the language barrier can sometimes be an issue. Though the models were usually more than happy to do just about anything imaginable, they often had trouble complying with requests simply because they didn't understand me. Again, this wasn't a constant thing, but still happened enough to put a bit of a damper on otherwise awesome sessions.

For just 10 euros a month you can upgrade your account to V.I.P. status, which in addition to letting you instantly preview any live show, grants you a number of other perks, too, including extra photos and videos on all model pages, an extra mailbox that allows for free, unlimited private emails to the models. And if you're the creative type, you'll probably get a kick out of the "Private Gallery" feature, which allows you to assemble your own holy grail collection using your favorite amateur clips and photos.


This site combines all the features of your favorite social networking sites most notably the tens of thousands of members with that impossible to duplicate rush of live, face-to-face interaction. But unlike the horde of prudes you're likely to find on those other sites, the members at Visit X will never call you a pervert or threaten you with a restraining order. And on that note, you can always find hundreds of amateur models online, many of whom sport rather reasonable prices. And for just 10 euros a month you gain V.I.P. status, which gives you a considerable number of perks, including unlimited private e-mails to your favorite models. Really, the only disadvantage I can find here is that you'll occasionally find a model who isn't fluent in English. Outside of that, the site's as solid as can be. So, whether you're just curious and looking to give the whole live chat thing a whirl or you consider yourself a cam aficionado, this site is worth a look.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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