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I'm Live****/*
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Registred: 03.23.05
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Posted: 11/27/05, 19:29    Quote 

ImLive.com is ok site icon_cool.gif but very very limited. Its really impossible to fine a live camera with men. icon_evil.gif Not that many couples (just a very few) Women models on this site getting just 35% of what they made - this is probally the worse deal that model can find for being a videochathost. Over that the price that model asking for her show fixed and controled by the site. What makes me think something wrong with these models. icon_question.gif Most of them not let viewer connect to their video - i still dont understand whats up with that. If i had to quess - they are not near their computers or too busy on another sites. icon_idea.gif Customer support works very slow and payment system (when you buy credits and then cant spent it till 0.00 ) makes customer loose a few $$$ everytime when he cansel or dont want to buy next 30 or 60 minutes of show. I still have 6$ on my account there but i cant spent it - system says i need more to visit a girl with price 1.98$ per min. Why i am not allowed to see that gisrl just for 2-3 minutes and then decide do i want watch her more or not? icon_evil.gif icon_question.gif So guys you should think twice before you buy any credit on this site

Registred: 09.27.05
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Posted: 02/08/06, 04:53    Quote 

I think they have too many foreign Women. They get ripped off by who they work for. Thats my complaint about imlive. However, at the same time every now and then I can find an incredibly Woman on the site which changes my mind. In any case, I still like the idea of the Woman getting most of the money for the cam show rather then giving the money to an agency. My favorite searches are for Cheerleaders and Pregnant Women, There is almost always at least one Pregnant one. My ideal Woman, In the U.S, no taller then 5'2", less then 110 lbs, under 28 Years old, Long Hair, great Legs and loves her work and wants to meet her fans in person.

Registred: 04.28.12
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Posted: 04/27/12, 23:47    Quote 

They only pay the models 30% Such a HUGE company such as imLive www.coolvision.co.il/ is their parent company grossing over 150 million dollars per year with a multitude of adult websites, they should pay their performers better and not penalize them for when members decide that they want to perform fraud and call their credit card company and take their money back. afterall it is not the performer/host fault but rather imlive/cool vision , they should take the fall not the hosts who performed the show that the members wanted.

CoolVision Ltd.
These are just some of the sites they own

Registred: 11.14.05
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Posted: 11/14/05, 04:34    Quote 

I have been very pleased with IMLive

Registred: 11.25.05
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Posted: 11/25/05, 19:07    Quote 

hmm..there wasnt any men alone or men with men cams listed.

Registred: 01.15.06
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Posted: 01/15/06, 19:19    Quote 

I agree with the first post on this, that it is an ok site however i also have credit left that i am unable to use unless i buy more credits !! I have a good friend who performs on various cam sites and has left imlive due to the low percentage paid out (35%) also the nail in the coffin was when they introduced tipping to the performers, imlive also take 65% off tips and the user is unaware of this. They also seem to have a lot of charge backs again leaving the host out of pocket. Camcontacts is a far better site as far as working conditions and payments. Long story short stay away from imlive. icon_eek.gif

Registred: 08.20.05
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Posted: 02/07/06, 13:10    Quote 


as I am a great fan of Britgirl who is on I'mlive, and camcontacts... had great show with in the past... i want to point out I am notified that I'mlive does not notify the chathost when someone is ready to view there webcam, so it does not make a noise or highlight to them when someone is ready to view as per camcontacts.

Hence you are not being ignored when you try to view their cams, they have to be looking at there screen every second to enabl viewers to view their cam! strange but true.


Registred: 03.23.07
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Posted: 03/23/07, 10:22    Quote 

why i don't watch video
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