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Sometimes it's just nice to cut to the chase, no dinner, no candlelight, no formalities, it's just straight to the cam and the cock!
Site type: Pay site, category: Web Cams, Video
Complete review published on 02.20.2012
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You don’t have to worry about slapping on aftershave, but the girls may have shaved their legs for your entry. This site is all about the web cam fun of the personal level, tuning you in and turning you on with the temptation and satisfaction of a really good time. They promise there are thousands of girls here waiting and over 2 million members that have found this an enjoyable place to be.

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on November 04, 2013.

Yes about 1 minutes each (stream only)
DRM: No restrictions
Web Cams:
3400 models, online at a time: 549
Frame Rate: 10 fps
Sound, Broadcast Shows
Free Basic Membership
Over 900 stories
Model Index, Message Board, Blog, Games

[v]PricesLast updated on November 04, 2013.

$25 / 350 chips
$45 / 630 chips
$4.95 private 1-on-1 chat / per minute
$1 / 24-hour vip (rebills $34.97/month)
$24.93 / one month vip
Payment options: Credit Cards


It doesn’t look as though there will be an issue on maneuvering my way through. Once opening the main membership page, it wasn’t exactly what I had expected, but they do give a lot of text and explanation first, and sometimes with a site such as,, that’s a good thing. At the top you’ll find small pictures of different links, and in checking out the, “Help” area first, they very nicely supply you with a list of on the job folks that are ready to assist in whatever means you need. A red border means that’s your own personal helper, ready to help direct you in whatever issue you might be having.

There seems to be quiet a few features that will soon be offered from this site, but at the time of this review being written, the brought a “check back soon” message. That was from the main page, but scroll down to the bottom and click the link to get into the things that are here, and there is plenty of it! They promised through tour there were thousands of girls/guys that partake in the excitement here, at the time of my review being written, there were roughly 21 online amateurs ready to spread their wings and their thighs to keep you aroused. I did try to utilize the “online helper” I was assigned, plugging in his ICQ number and sending him a message about the site, but there was never a response from him, so I typed to never mind my request.

After skimming through the material offered, I’m beginning to see why they call this site, You’re going to get the one on one entertainment, for which you purchase what they call chips. Depending on how long you’ve been a participant, your credit limit will increase. You are allowed to make just one purchase in a 24 hour period, and for new joiners, it’s three times in 30 days, but to buy 630 chips, it will cost $45. From there the levels go all the way up to the VIP group, after you’ve been buying for 6 months, and you can purchase up to 7,000 chips for $500. The numbers will vary, so it’s your persistence that will pay off for this site.
To accompany your one on one excitement, the real basis of this site seems to be the video clips and images that are offered….and that’s just the starting point of pleasure. They don’t exactly give a break down of how many videos to an exact count, or images either, it’s more the fact they carry about 28 categories each, such as, BBW, Lesbian, etc. and then everything fitting into the category is uploaded there. The numbers are huge, there’s no doubt, and I’m definitely going to go with their tour count of, approximately 500,000 video clips and over a million images. From there, the material continues, which I’ll make mention of below.

As I said, there’s a reason why they call this site, and leave it to me to find the area that depicted it with no doubt. I stumbled into what they call the “gross” area, much to my dismay, and I’m watching a lovely ebony skinned woman drinking a large glass of water, her breasts were bare and she looked inviting. Unfortunately the next act totally had me clicking my back button as quickly as I could, she proceeded to stick her finger down her throat to bring that water back! Yes, there are some areas that might not be for everyone. Do keep in mind the material you get from this site has been captured from a webcam in most cases, so not only do you use that tool for the chatting, but the images and videos have been captured from that arena as well, meaning the quality will be pretty much what you expect it to be, which makes it even naughtier in my opinion and keeps the realness there.

I made mention of other things offered from this site, and you’ll be happy to know, there is a nice listing of possibilities to explore your porn from all different angles. There is a button labeled, “virtual” that is a must. You click the link for the free download of needed software and once it’s on your system, you, as a member will be able to wander around this virtual world with other members to meet, you can share a drink, dance, or even have sex! Great! There is a premium area that holds the areas for going private, or you can shop from the stores, browse through the archives, check out even more pictures and videos, read from over 900 stories that have been submitted and so much more. Yes, this site is loaded with lust to fit everyone’s taste.


This site reminds of me an auction. You know how they always hold up a brown bag, and for a certain price you can get everything inside, sight unseen? Well, that’s how I felt about this site. I came into this review thinking it was purely a live chat niche, but there was so much more. Quality was fitting, and the amount of offerings was long and large. There were categories for most any and all desires.
Inspector: Missy
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