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Hog Tied

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A deep, dark place that delivers that total level of submission that only tight ropes and a cold heart can illicit. And why not?
Site type: Pay site, category: Bdsm, Fetish
Complete review published on 04.20.2022
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If the tour is any indication of the horrors that await us in the members area, Hog Tied does a pretty good job of living up to its name. Girls are ball-gagged and expertly tied up, then beaten and made fun of, so far as I can tell so far, anyway. I saw some wicked shots of girls tied way too tight, from gash to nape, and not looking very comfortable. These are nasty positions, like the Reverse-prayer and the triple labia twister. So, if you're the type who is faint of heart, you'll probably want to run for the hills. They promise their ropes are the tightest on the net; that limbs will go numb, circulation will cease, and, on that sweet brink of death pussies will squirt.

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Over 1371 episodes about 42 minutes each (download and stream)
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$39.99 / one month (recurring)
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$179.99 / one year (recurring)
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Payment options: Credit Cards, Euro Debit

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We've all got certain preconceived notions about every niche and kink in the old computer, and I think it's safe to assume to when most of us hear bondage and submission, we think of murky dungeon full of sadistic fuckers clad in skin-tight leather. A cliche, perhaps, but don't they often hold a bit of truth? With all that in mind, It was no great surprise that, upon logging in, I was greeted with a page that was jet black and very old looking, as strange as that may sound. You almost get the feeling there's some ancient evil here waiting to be unleashed on unsuspecting members. Unfortunately, this probably isn't true, because they seem to treat their users quite well. For instance, there's a forum where users can give input on upcoming material. What's more each movie/set can be rated and commented by the members. And on that note, I don't think I saw one movie that didn't have at least five or six members chattering in the box underneath it.

The cringe inducing preview shots that fill up the Hog Tied members area certainly help in maintaining a decidedly macabre atmosphere. One element that definitely added to the uniqueness of the scene was the almost schizophrenic changes in tone. All it takes around these parts is one little cut or fade to black, and you know things are going to turn upside down. Things generally started in a surprisingly clinical, sometimes even jovial, tone with the interviewer sounding laughably. The girls are asked very lucid, on point questions about their history and what led them to this. That's all well and good, but the totally personality change the guy undergoes by the time it's ready to shoot is something that has to be seen to be believed.

It's hard to believe that what was, just seconds ago, a meek and unassuming man can act like such a prick. He really was born to physically abuse these women. I must have emptied my balls a dozen times watching him slapping and spitting on them, forcing them to repeat degrading things about themselves over and over. Then, when the session is over, he does a Q&A with the girl as calm and cool as can be. The change, so sudden and absolute, can be a little unnerving. Even the girls share this strange ability to turn emotion on and off like a light bulb. Some would call it professionalism, others mental illness. Either way, I'm fascinated.

It's rare to see a site whose content is so damn tight. They've really mastered all the vital elements to making a good bondage flick, often times reproducing sleek modern takes on the old rough-housing flicks of yesteryear; the elaborate forms of torture, borderline-sociopath Doms, expertly tied knots, and utter willingness of the subs to be violated really set this site a cut above the rest. Throw in the wild card of the candid interviews and you've got a real hit on your hands. Which is why I'm shocked I haven't heard of this site until now. Believe it or not, they've been around since 1998 producing updates on a rock steady weekly basis.

That's over 12 years in the business, and though they've always clearly had a talent for this sort of thing, a little trip through memory lane reveals they've made leaps and bounds in terms of quality and, oddly enough, their level of enthusiasm. You'd think they'd grow tired of mistreating naked, helpless women, but I guess old habits die hard, huh? Anyway, you've probably already guessed that with weekly updates and such a thing run that they're housing a substantial load of booty. Well, you're right. As you read this, there are 1371 movies on the site. There's a good-looking embedded player that blends in well with the black background and does great for night viewing. Or you can download the files to your hard-drive in a low, medium, or HD quality Quicktime file.

They also included a photo set with each scene. They must have been feeling generous when they came up with this idea who'd have imagined they could be kind ? because there's an average of 200 images each gallery. With numbers like that you're probably expecting shitty screen caps. However, these babies actually have big resolution and enough clarity for you to tell the difference between a anchor bend and a double bowline.

Again, I can't stress enough that the Doms and Subs here know their roles whether it's a man or a woman barking the orders, there's a real sense of rage that you just can't fake and, in my humble opinion, increases the eroticism tenfold. Of course, the dark sets and wide array of medieval looking sex toys. Couple that with the cold, calculated force that is their staff and you've got the makings for some heinous shit. On a side note, there's something strange about these scenes that I just can't quite put my finger on. I mean, these dirty cum-dispensers are tied tightly in terribly unpleasant positions, whipped and pinched, even suspended from the rafters by their ankles, and while all this is going on, they're be ridiculed and giggled at. But they like it. How they managed to find so many die-hard subs that also just happen to be smoking hot is beyond me, but I hope they keep it up.


If you're on a quest for bondage, particularly the kind that requires the tying of sophisticated knots and the careful placement of clothes pins, then your journey has cum to an end, my friend. Hogtied not only produces some of the most fucked up stuff I've had the pleasure of viewing in the last few months, but it also updates weekly and even takes suggestions from its members on how the gals should be humiliated in the upcoming updates. The content is so damn hot, I'd even recommend it to the more run-of-the-mill hardcore fans out there. Brutal orgasms, as the tour promised, was putting it mildly. Heck, I'm not even really that into this shit, but I ended up jerking myself raw, anyway. This is what quality bondage porn is meant to be. Not like the fuzzy, poorly lit goth havens that have recently flooded the market.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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