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Sexy Settings

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The name might not much sense, but with amateur bondage content this hot, who gives a shit?
Site type: Pay site, category: Bdsm, Fetish, Softcore
Complete review published on 09.01.2022
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Sexy Settings is an amateur bondage site where submissive young female models are bound, gagged, fucked, and altogether manhandled and mistreated by their cruel masters. Strange as it may seem, the settings aren't all that sexy, if you ask me. At least not in the conventional sense. The banner reads, "Naked & tied up females in domestic settings." This is quite true, because all I see are bedrooms in your average home and apartment. But, hey, maybe to some people the more mundane brings out a sense of realism elaborate sets and flashy costumes would destroy. From what I can see on the tour, these guys mean business. Amateur models look appropriately scared as their tormentors go to work on them. I'll have to look inside to the get the full picture, though. Wish me luck.

[v]Content Amount(4.5)Last updated on June 29, 2023.

Over 415 videos about 15 minutes each (download and stream)
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$34.95 / one month (recurring)
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$49.95 / three months (non-recurring)
$99.95 / one year (non-recurring)

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The members page layout, just like every other bondage site I've seen in my life, has a black, white, and red color scheme. It's also not the most technologically advanced or prettiest I've seen, either. I'm fine with amateurish designs. Plain HTML? No big deal. Hell, I even encourage it in some instances, this being one of those. On the other hand, I don't like sloppiness. And though I wouldn't go as far as to as to say they were, they came pretty close.

Case in point: I think that they could have been much clearer about how you access video and picture updates. After a little scrolling and head scratching, I "Recent Updates" and "Archive" in an eye-killingly-small font. Once I clicked this, I found great links for movies. I didn't see anything, however, catering specifically to photos. This is, to put it mildly, annoying. Still, they're easy enough to find, especially if you browse by model. In their defense, they added a link which explains many things, including how AOL users can easily surf the site, how to download videos, and the up-front admission of rotating content. They've went as far as to recommend browsers and video players. For the most part this page is pretty helpful for a newbie, so I guess it's mission accomplished in that regard. Very user-friendly.

Speaking of which, Sexy Settings' content features a variety of women, young and old alike, being tied up in authentic urban looking bedrooms ones that could be your own or those of your neighbours. They're tied by what seem to be professionals, who have no doubt spent some time working in the circus, as their sadistic treatment of the women often falls below that that most people would dish out to animals. Plus they know how to tie some really cool knots.
There are already over 150 models, and though they're all 100% amateurs when it comes to being profesionally filmed, the bulk of them seem up to the task. he women usually have nice slim physiques, and sometimes it's their first time being tied or so we are told but in fairness, they give convincing displays of fear. The women are then complete slaves to their male masters, and are dominated in a variety of sexual scenarios. Forcing a cock down their throat with full body weight or fucking them doggy from behind are the norm.

The videos come in the QuickTime format, and they have a very good resolution size and are encoded well. They can be downloaded in their entirety, or sometimes in smaller preview files. Others went the route of having scenes broken up into a series of clips. It's a little inconsistent as far as which has what goes. Alo, be warned: the full-length file sizes can get a little hefty, sometimes well over 400 megabytes, but it's a fair trade-off for the quality you get. Trust me. It's worth noting that there aren't multiple formats or resolution sizes to choose from, and that is a real shame. However, the site is new, and they're very niche specific, so I'm gonna cut them some slack. One other gripe, though, is that the streaming video didn't seem to work in FireFox, SeaMonkey, or Opera. Kind of a drag.

The action, though, in many respects makes up for the lackluster treatment of the video technicalities. The sub/Dom relationship, in every single scene I've watched, is very true to life. Take it from, I know from first-hand experience. Scenes can last anywhere from 4 to 30 minutes, with the latter being the norm. The videos are shot primarily handheld, but not shakily at all. They camera-work isn' the problem. What bugs me is what, to my ears, is on-board sound. Audio quality, for the most part, is pretty dismal.

In a lot of scenes you can hear passing just as clearly as the spanking of asses. I could see this being a distraction for some. Either way, I managed to shoot several loads to these videos. For the most part you'll see a woman expertly tied, or sometimes already tied up, at the start of the video. The favorite seems to be the bed, but these guys get pretty damn creative sometimes. Door jambs, shower rods, coat racks, you name it! For the most part there is little verbal communication between the Dom and his sub. But there are instances where words, usually in the form of a command, are uttered. I even saw one or two where the model was interviewed beforehand. My favorite thing about these videos is how genuine they are. If a woman's ass is being spanked, you can bet you're going to see some big hand marks and welts, soon enough.

Much like their Video brethren, the picture galleries are pretty bare-bones in the way of options. You can view galleries the old fashioned way a row of thumbnails, sometimes so many they're listed on several pages or just download the whole thing in one go in a ZIP file. The The JPEG files have a large resolution, sometimes with a width of over 1,500 pixels. I wish they had included multiple resolution options, and a few other extras as well. On the bright side, the images look good. They're clear and crisp, and were it not for the watermark, I'd give them a B+. As as a solid B. Not bad.


Sexy Settings is a solid BDSM site, specializing in rope-play, rough-housing, and general mischief. All in all, I really dig what they've done here. I just wish they offered more video and picture options, and that they would organize their in a clearer fashion. Nevertheless, this is an excellent site, and I recommend it to anyone who appreciates the sight of a fine lookin' lady wild eyed and hogtied.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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