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Top Grl

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Some women just have the desire to become saturated from the pain she brings to others, and that's what the female is about here, abuse!
Site type: Pay site, category: Bdsm, FemDom, Lesbians
Complete review published on 09.20.2017
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She is the jury and judge of juicing! This site shows a tour that almost made me shiver in a few places from the advertising shots, because the thought of being at the hands of this woman makes me appreciate how submissive lovers can endure what they do through the BDSM sexual escapades. They pledge quality will be high and choices will live for viewing the caning, the brutality and the pleasure.

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Ok, first of all, I want to say this is not a woman youíd want to meet in a dark alley when you werenít prepared for what she has planned, the shock of the brutality may be almost too much for a person! She has her sights set on the female gender, those are her submissive subjects throughout the content of this site, and I must admit, she not only breaks them down to her way of thinking, but she breaks them down to where they totally turn themselves over to her, they become the property of Sister Dee, and no matter how badly theyíre hurting, you can truly find thereís no other place they would rather be. Looking past the anguish in their eyes youíre going to see admiration, respect and almost a love shining through for the woman that treats them with total humiliation and degradation.

Iíve reviewed quite a few BDSM sites, but one thing Iím finding quickly from Top Grl is that the reality will pull you in like steel to a magnet. Everything from ball gags to rope suspension, itís not just a show being put on for the benefit of selling membership like cups of lemonade from a city street stand. The darkness of her dungeon, the filming done in the manner it is, the subject matters that have the torture inflicted upon them, some things you can easily fake for the sake of giving it a hope at reality and other things just have to be true to itself, and this is one of those sites. This woman is like a devil spawn of some sort, she knows no mercy, even though sheíll incorporate an almost soft side to herself in places, that is only to drive the brainwashing a bit deeper into her victims, because itís short lived and followed up quickly by more abuse.

Iím always so amazed at how anyone could find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow thatís clad not in bright colors from the mixture of sunshine and a Spring shower, but instead, dull, dirty ropes that stretch them, bend them, hogtie them and leave burning marks to their skin. Ankles, wrists, and breasts are some of the parts bound until the color drains and is replaced by a dark purple from lack of circulation, and that is just the place they begin. From there, itís makeshift fucking machines plowing in and out of their already abused vaginal areas, vibrators that are used relentlessly on their already throbbing and painful clits, huge objects shoved into their mouths, touching the back of their throats while a pivoting action has their mouths fucked until their jaws can no longer keep up with the rhythm. It truly is a powerful display of Domination from this site.
There is nothing candy coated when it comes to the action of Top Grl, so donít expect frilly garments, pastel shaded vibrators, or fluffy pillows to make their experience more comfortable, there will be no comfort for these girls, they are experiencing bondage ordeals that many men wouldnít be able to endure, as the video clips will more than prove. In some places I almost found myself watching from between my fingers as I placed my hands over my eyes from the tormented actions going on. The videos are in HD, do keep that in mind. If youíre using a dial up connection speed, you may want to think twice about whatís offered here, in DSL it took a long time for download, but the clips also average out at 30 minutes, so combine that with the HD and that will give you a taste of the fineness youíre going to receive.

The images will bring as much enjoyment as the videos from this site, expanding the boundaries in enlargements to fit a, 799x1200 pixel sizing, with the filming again being done to a raw expertise fashion. There is a ZIP download option, which Iím sure many will utilize. With this site being about 8 months old, itís lacking a bit in content, they are pretty regular on the weekly updating, but much more is surely called for Ė for the enjoyment of members.


Sister Dee is a force to reckon with, and I reckon Iím going to stay out of her way! What Top Grl puts her female submissive subjects through is just absolutely mind boggling in the sense of so much dirty, filthy, degrading, humiliating and pure pleasurable actions. The quality surely holds its own with HD being the main goal from two of the three formats offered and images that will bring quality high enough to warrant the ZIP download.
Inspector: Missy
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