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The Hardcore Network

The tour area of this site shows just a handful of what you'll get inside, and it looks to be the epitome of hard core coming at you.
Site type: Pay site, category: Hardcore
Complete review published on 12.16.2010
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[v]Intro promises(4)

If your pants are already around your ankles and the lotion is close by, you’ll want to dive into the damsels here and partake in the pounding they are taking. This network holds many sites, and with one single membership fee you’ll gain access to all of the promised 2570 scenes, totaling 614GB of high quality videos. There is no DRM to mess with and 20 full updates each week.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on March 06, 2012.

Over 2570 videos about 20 minutes each (download)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies, Multi-Bandwidth
WMV (692kb/s, 360x272)
WMV (1992kb/s, 720x540)
WMV (2390kb/s, 640x480)
WMV (3568kb/s, 1440x1080)
Over 115898 pictures
3rd Party Feeds, Bonus Sites, Model Index, Blog

[v]PricesLast updated on March 19, 2014.

$2.95 / two day (recurs at $39.95/month!)
$27.95 / one month (recurring)
$49.95 / three months (recurring)
$89.95 / six months (recurring)
Payment options: Credit Cards

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Sportif gadget turns into lewd whore when wildly fucking and sucking huge dildo Brunette babe with giant boobs gets banged in her tight and cherry asshole Crazy Madison has a glass full of orange juice in her widely stretched ass hole


Opening up the main membership area will remind you a lot of the tour spot, making you feel as if you’ve wandered into a technical temptation page that will hot wire your wanking machine! They make the same claims within these walls of the high numbers they offer in content, just keep in mind these are overall numbers because there are so many sites involved. They do a nice layout though, giving you the latest news, a short welcome message, the latest additions and the ability to search for just what you want. This network seems to know just what a hard-on calls for, and they are supplying the sexual devices.

Starting out with all sites listed through The Hardcore Network, I’m really hoping the quality holds up to what I’m finding on “I Love You Celeste.” Not only is she gorgeous to start with, but this brave blonde takes on a machine that fucks her anally, she has girl/girl scenes that are outstanding and a masturbation set in a tanning bed that I’m hoping doesn’t short circuit from the moisture. They give you three choices for downloading the videos, a fast, a good and a better, but they were all great in my opinion. Even their fast choice held technical numbers higher than many sites have as their only offering. The affection spreads across into another site, “I Love You Madison,” and this girl is promised to have just turned 18 and she’s spreading her wings and opening her legs through this network.

I’m so much enjoying the way they’ve laid out these first two sites, when you click to open everything is right there, no need to search and it’s done with a brightness and the right tones of color to just make you have happy pants! For being so young, she definitely knows how to win her way into your heart, she not only takes a large dick into her mouth for the pleasure of oral sex, but she shows you the gaping hole left behind after anal. This network is doing a fantastic job at bringing in the goods for a gooey evening, and we aren’t even half way through them all yet. “I Love You Melanie” really shows off her abilities to stretch and split her body into provocative positions. She shows off the loveliness that she’s bringing to the screen nicely with friends and also solo action.

I Love You Mya” brings a bit more of a wild spin to the scenarios offered on the network. She offers one of the least amounts of material from all within the network, but with the recent updates, it will all keep growing. Mya does enjoy the time she spends with female friends, and she has a drawer full of toys to prove just how close she wants to be with them. This site teeters on the edge of softcore, a hard softcore that is. “Ass Smoothie” I think would be safe to say is not a site for the weak stomached to endure. I was curious enough from the advertisements to watch many of the clips through, and that’s how I found what this is all about. Apparently you get your favorite flavors, such as cherry, apple, pineapple, etc. and you mix a smoothie on film, then it’s poured into your butt, you jump up and down, allow it to run back into the cup before you drink it. Yeah, I guess that’s where the phrase “Bottoms Up!” came from!

Moving right along, “Afrohoes” is our next installment, and from here you’re going to find some lovely black bodies doing oh so naughty things. This is one of the more hardcore sites within This network and they have the rounded bottoms and full breasts to pull off the enticing action. “Chopstick Sluts” introduces you to some beautiful Asian girls that know exactly what they want and how to get it, and that means taking the sex from males and females alike. In one video clips from this site there are numerous Asian girls lined up wearing strap-on dildos and ready to bring pleasure, yes, this is a hot part of the network.
“Cum Is Good” will show you how these ladies go for their protein allotment for the day. They are down on knees with mouths wide open and waiting for each spurt to cover their tongues, faces and breasts. They are getting it straight from the pump, still warm and acting as an arousing appetizer. This network has worked in something for the folks that enjoy a fuller figured lady, and you can find those in the “Fuck My Flab” site. They promise many of these girls go over 300 lbs., but they have all of the right areas for fornication at it’s best. With heavy hooters and a few rolls of extra meat right below the delicious deli department, they are bringing the love in through high numbers here.

The Hardcore Network even steps back in sexual time to bring you a piece to this menagerie of meat network that will refresh your memory of things you may have grown up with. “Golden Hardcore” offers you some of the classic action that was popular from 30+ years ago, when porn was so much more real and so hot because you had to keep it hidden and jerk off when no one was around. This is one of the higher content amount sites, with 54 videos and nearly 6,000 pictures. These happen to be screen captures, but many of the different sites do offer posed shots as well with nice enlargement sizes.

Her Last Fuck” is tickling the temptation buttons of your love for older women. Granny is getting her groove on before she’s too old to really make it happen any more. Younger men are spreading the wrinkled thighs and suckling on the sagging breasts of ladies that haven’t reached their puberty prime yet! The Hardcore Network is keeping the lust circulating with another site labeled, “Nasty Raw Sex.” It’s from this area that some hot pornstars are getting together and seeing just how raw they can get with the already dirty act of sex. This will definitely give you some ideas to partake in with your partner, if they’re game.

Only The Biggest” means there is a site nestled within this network that is bringing those luscious mounds of pleasure to your screen and to your dreams. Double D’s doesn’t stand for batteries, no, that is the cup size you’ll find within this site. If you have a hang up about being breast fed, then you could fill up like Thanksgiving dinner from these ladies. “Please Be Gentle It’s My First Time” will take you to that fantasy of being the first one-eyed-wonder searching between those milky thighs for the tight little hole still packing the fruit…..cherry. They learn quickly from here, and you’ll ache to be one of their instructors.

The Network focuses the last two sites on hot pornstars and how much you want to see all sides of them. With “Pornstar Solos” a nice number of videos and pictures will show you how they spend their down time between shoots, and that happens to be with moist fingers and more. They keep the cameras at just the right angles to capture the quivering clits as they erupt into orgasm. And, if you want to see more behind the scenes stuff that can make you laugh and make you horny, then, “Stop The Camera” is the place to go for the goods. This part of the network holds extremely high numbers for content, and it gives you a chance to be the voyeur and see the things they hadn’t intended on showing.

You are going to have a high amount of material to keep you busy from this network, and it’s all going to tickle your fancy. To summarize the quality, I have to say the videos played beautiful, with really high technical numbers these clips have different times of viewing, some will be a bit less than two minutes while others are over 20 minutes in time. The pictures are posed and screen caps mixed throughout, but nice quality will make you want to view them.


Any and all promises made through the tour area of this site not only came true, but they were done with a quality that makes me want to recommend this site highly. They touch on different niches with the same common denominator of being extremely hot!
Inspector: Missy
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