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Tug Pass

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There's something about the gentle squeeze and soft stroking that will make your appendage respond in a very receptive manner in appreciation.
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Complete review published on 06.06.2016
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[v]Intro promises(4.5)

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These ladies certainly have a grip on the sexual situation from this network! Tug Pass promises you’ll find within membership a tally of, 9 different sites, most of which will carry their fair share of jacking off for juiciness, but, there will also be the delights of hardcore excitement and sub niches as well. It’s claimed quality will be eye-pleasing and updates will be scheduled satisfactorily.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on June 07, 2016.

Over 1231 episodes about 15 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies
MP4 (2998kb/s, 1280x720)
Flash (750x576)
Over 1231 galleries about 200 pictures each
+ Fullscreen pictures, Zip archives
Bonus Sites, Model Index, Blog

[v]PricesLast updated on June 07, 2016.

$29.9 / one month (recurring)
$59.9 / three months (recurring)
$94.8 / one year (non-recurring)


Once username and password have been entered, behold the beauty and boners filling these 9 different sites with pornographic pleasure. Large erections, ball gags, pretty panties, masturbation, cumshots, barely legal and more than legal, group sex and big boobs are all merely portions to the content that will flow from set to site, keeping you enthused and aroused. Each site within, Tug Pass, is broken down as a separate entity, holding their specific material, and yet easily accessed from the central hub of the main membership page.

Do keep in mind the main niche is about the shaft stroking stimulation, and, they don’t forget that throughout the network, but they do add other pleasures to it. "Mean Massage" offers a description of big dicks meeting fresh faces and also recognizable loveliness, where they jack, wank, and milk the ball juice from the massive meat, in a Femdom sort of scenario. As a bit of an oddity or twist to the temptation of this specific network, I found when logging into this portion (Yes, I did have to apply username/password again), but, it also came with its own list of bonus sites that were included…a few were repeat titles of this particular network, while others were completely different, telling me, you’re going to get even more for your dollars that I expected!

This particular title shows date stamps of weekly freshness, with additions of palm massages done in a ruling manner by hot babes that know how to keep the men restrained and captivated. Embraced within this network is a site called, “Club Tug,” again, they’re making the act of jacking off their main focal point, but there will also be some oral sex and such, to keep you intrigued. Hot babes with big boobs, spanning through the generations of legal teen to more of the MILF age range, with hot cumshots on the agenda as a must have. “Petite 18” goes a bit deeper into the bush, or should I say in most cases the shaved vaginal area for the hardcore delivery from this menagerie of moisture. Barely legal, thin in body stature and offering reverse cowgirl and other sexual positions for pleasure. They’ve managed throughout this network to supply the seduction of lovely women by huge cocks, thick shafts, bulging veins and knobs that shine with droplets of sperm.
Teen Tugs,” keeps the main niche alive, while much nudity and attitude is supplied. They profess to be innocent, but when the erections spurt with semen, they certainly know all of the right things to do…kudos to the legal teens that have the natural instinct going for them. “Cum Blast City,” is definitely one of those, “in your face!” type of sites…literally. They use the adjective of, insane when describing the type of explosive release of sperm aimed at the lovely faces of those hot babes coaxing it free. This is one of the morsels putting things over the edge from softcore and hardcore to also fetish filled. I’d been finding a nice pattern of weekly freshness from each site I inspected, but this one has a bit of a hiccup…there are quite a few areas where it’s more in the realm of bi-weekly or a bit longer.

They also hold rivalry content, where the matriarch of the family is getting the jerking and juicy job done, at times, unbeknownst to close-knit relatives. “See Mom Suck,” carries the naughtier side of raging hormones, when there’s no holding back a sex drive that has them blowing boners and being just as wild as someone more than half their age…thank goodness for the erotic experience of mature women! “Ebony Tugs,” is bringing home the lovely lustfulness of hot babes sharing the scenes of interracial sex. Handjobs and blowjobs, high quality throughout, and the sensuality of these women assuring there will be sweet, sexual satisfaction.

Over 40 Handjobs,” is pretty self-explanatory as to what they’re offering from this morsel of the network from, Tug Pass, but, don’t count your ladies before they’re laid! Not only are they stroking males a few years younger and giving them arousing ammunition for a lifetime of fantasies when those middle of the night masturbation sessions cum calling loudly, but, they toss in a few sub niches as well, such as lingerie, bisexual excitement, and threesomes, coming to you from the fineness of women that have aged to perfection. Last but not least, there is, “Busty Direct,” and this will be the portion of their pornographic empire that makes you say, “Got Milk?!” There are, lovely women, a bit on the plush side, with big boobs and even larger desires for dick. These fun bags play a large part in their sets, as they house the horniness by allowing sperm to spew across areolas and nipples.

There were many patterned areas weaving these sites within the network together, which certainly made the voyage a pleasant one. Yes, a few didn’t quite stay on the strict schedule of weekly updating, but they did come through the with HD niceness promised from intro. The sites held varying amounts of sets, some you could tell were a bit newer than others, but all are holding enough to make them a worthwhile part. They break things down into episodes, with an average of, 2+ minutes worth of film coming your way through stream or download, and also the full scenes, carrying the same options with one format for each viewing option. I did find while inspecting – not every set holds a video, such as from, “Busty Direct,” much of what they have to offer are galleries only, which leads me to the disclaimer of, my overall count will be approximate, there are too many sets to do an individual count on. The galleries are nicely done, again, there are variances, but throughout you will find things such as, a ZIP download, pixel sizes with expansion showing, 806x539, and then another click will take it full screen to, 1300x867 pixels.


There are so many good things about this network, it’s almost as if each time you log in, you’re apt to find something you missed the many times before. Yes, from Tug Pass, their main goal is the stroking and jacking off, but they’ve managed to mix much more in with those acts, taking this from softcore, to hardcore and then a step further into fetish content. Many of the 9 offered sites carry weekly updates, some will span a bit longer, but within each part of this network will be even more offered bonus sites, making this an even larger treasure.
Inspector: Missy
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