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This is a site strictly with the purists in mind those connoisseurs who can get off solely on the curves and delicate crevices of the female form.
Site type: Pay site, category: Softcore, Photographic Art
Complete review published on 09.02.2018
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[v]Intro promises(5)

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Right off the bat, is very straight forward, letting you know precisely what it is and is not about. The tour page doesn't really have any fancy spiels or grandiose promises. Instead, they let previews of their magnificent still photography, which dates back all the way to 1997, do the talking. And if you ask me, what it's saying is that if you are a true connoisseur of the female form, then you have come to the right place.

[v]Content Amount(5)Last updated on April 24, 2019.

Over 3417 galleries about 40 pictures each
+ Fullscreen pictures, Zip archives
Over 18 stories
Model Index, Live Chat

[v]PricesLast updated on April 24, 2019.

$9.99 29.99 / one month (recurring)
$39.99 / one month (non-recurring)
$99.99 / one year (recurring)


The main membership page of has the sort of simple layout one would expect from a site that got its start in the late '90s. To be honest, though, this didn't surprise me. The tour page stated plainly enough: "You will not find videos, or sophisticated navigation. What you will find is happy natural nudes at an affordable price."

Indeed, as I made my way through their, admittedly massive, archive, it was clear that the lion's share of their focus goes into creating high caliber, artistic nudes. But make no mistake about it: you will find no raunchy pornographic imagery here. There is no penetration, no absurd spreads not, not even a little light, girl-on-girl patting. Instead, the focus is entirely on the solo subject, showing that the female form alone, with all its wonderful curves and delicious crevices, is enough to mesmerize.

Of course, if you expect a lone model to pull off such a monumental feat, she had better be something exceptional, and if you have a look at their model index, which currently houses over 1,100 outstanding examples of feminine beauty, I think you will agree that these ladies are up to the task. Aside from being gorgeous, the one thing that seems to tie them all together are their completely natural, slender physiques. I noticed no breast augmentation or any other forms of plastic surgery. In fact, I don't even recall seeing any tattoos or piercings. These are just young, pretty gals at what many would consider their absolute physical peaks. How this site manages such consistent levels of quality whilst maintaining such a staggering output is beyond me, but so long as they keep it up, I'll be a happy camper.

As I already mentioned above, this site was launched in 1997, so I came in expecting big numbers. Still, it's one thing when you go into a site that is obviously churning out a bunch of subpar updates for a quick buck or, worse still, renting a boatload of non-exclusive material. It is quite another, however, when you encounter a site that is not only updating multiple times weekly, but doing it with the sort of vim and vigor for their craft one would expect from a much smaller art-house or niche site. There are 3417 photo sets here, and with most sets containing at least 40 photos, that is well over 120,000 shots.

That's another thing while I'm sure it would have been easy enough to justify "getting their money's worth" out of these models by adding the no doubt hundreds of photos snapped during each shoot, I admire their restraint in whittling these sets down to just 30-40 pristine shots. By doing this, not only do they avoid the redundancy that plagues sets on a lot of other still photography sites, but they also ensure that we only see these beauties at their absolute best, as they were intended to be captured by these skilled photographers.

Again, I don't mean to harp on the same points over and over, but I think it is worth noting that there is no lascivious posing or wanton sexuality exhibited in these images. What you do get is a subtle playfulness, a slight teasing that is just enough to put you on edge. It is also obvious that these photographers have a great understanding of light and how it best catches each particular model in each specific setting. Going back to the point about teasing, which ties in well with the issue of light, a slight tilt of the face alone can do wonders.

I also think they were wise to incorporate so many scenic settings in their shoots. Seeing these gorgeous, all natural models set against backdrops like rolling hills, freshly bloomed meadows, and powerful waterfalls is truly a sight to behold.

Of course, all the best models, backdrops, photographers and gear, wouldn't mean much if the final product wasn't available in the level of quality necessary for truly appreciating it. Fortunately for us, the latest updates are available in in there different nicely sized resolutions: Low(601 x 900), Medium(1,669 x 2,500), and High(6,016 x 4,016). Oh, and if you find a particular gallery that really tickles your fancy, I can't recommend enough that you take advantage of those ZIP files and download it in its entirety.

If this site has one flaw, it is, without a doubt, its navigation. Perhaps I employed a bit of hyperbole when I compared it to that of a site from the '90s, and to be fair the layout is far more slick than I remember it being however many years ago my last visit was. But with that having been said, I still think it suffers from an overall lack of browse-tools and descriptive information. The latter is particularly glaring in their model index, which really gives no details on these lovely ladies, and instead simply serves as a vehicle to rate, comment, and link to their comment. And that's a shame.

[v]Conclusion(4.8) is undeniably a site designed with the purist in mind. Even when compared to other artful nude sites, the content here is decidedly less explicit. So, if you are after girls in obscene, spread-eagle poses, mugging at the camera, turn back now. If, on the other hand, you feel that simply viewing the female form stripped down to its exquisite essence albeit while being exceptionally well lit and expertly photographed then I can't think of any site that does it better.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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